Space Returns To The Quad For A Second Season Of Killjoys


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The season finale of Killjoys left our trio of interplanetary bounty hunters divided: Dutch and John escaped The Company’s attack on Westerley with mere minutes to spare, loading up Lucy with anyone willing to leave their home and its fate behind. While those loyal to Old Town huddled deep in the catacombs beneath the city, hoping to wait out the bombing, D’Avin’s situation was (arguably) even more dire. He’s on the Qreshi moon of Arkyn, and while we don’t know exactly what goes on there, we know it can’t be good.

And with that, the first season of Killjoys had us hanging in zero gravity—so we’re relieved (and excited!) to announce that Space has renewed its #1 original series for another 10-episode run, with all three main cast members returning.


“It is a testament to the excellence of Killjoys that gained more loyal viewers each week in its debut season,” said Bell Media’s Tracey Pearce. “We look forward to working with our partners at Temple Street Productions and Syfy to giving our engaged, genre-loving viewers what they want in Season 2—an expanded Killjoys universe.”


With the first season of the show being all about getting to know Dutch and her fellow reclamation agents while building the storyline about the class wars brewing in The Quad, we’re looking forward to a second season that digs deeper into Dutch’s mysterious past as a trained killer, uncovers the shady internal operations of the RAC, and (fingers crossed) gives us a more in-depth look at the secret world of Level Six Killjoys.

Season two of Killjoys begins production in Toronto in early 2016 but you can catch actors Aaron Ashmore (John) and Tamsen McDonough (Lucy), along with show creator Michelle Lovretta, this Sunday at 2pm at Fan Expo, where they’ll be sharing an insider’s look at the first season of their hit show and maybe even talk a little bit about what’s in store for the next season.