No, Really. Who’s This Khlyen Guy? Questions We Want Answered After The Killjoys Season 2 Premiere

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They’re back. Dutch and Johnny and D’avin and Lucy and The Quad and the RAC and Khlyen and all the danger and intrigue that comes with one of the most fun sci-fi shows on television: Killjoys. In a single episode showrunner Michelle Lovretta has managed to hook us into season two by introducing new mysteries while turning old ones inside out. Here’s what will be wondering about for the next week:

Khlyen: he seemed so bad. Is he not so bad?


Dutch’s old teacher seemed to do nothing but threaten and torture her all last season, making himself out to be Enemy Number One. Was it an act? Is he shielding her from something bigger than the RAC and Red 17? Near the end of the premiere, he advised D’avin to lie to Dutch in order keep her safe and all but said it’s what he’s been doing this entire time. Whoa.

Who the hell are the Black Root?


They wear white and carry big guns and tasers and even Level Sixes like Khlyen seem powerless against them. Also: they have a “home” and it’s somewhere “far away”, like you gotta get all cryo-frozen to stand the trip kinda far.

Where do Level Sixes come from?


According to my mom, boys are made of snips, snails, and puppydog tails but the boys of Level Six seem to be made of some sort of glowing green goo that turns them into unkillable superhumans capable of taking a bullet or three with barely a flinch. Related: if Level Sixes are basically immortal, what’s above Level Six? Magic alien ghosts?

Why is Old Town on lockdown?


As if bombing the [insert expletive here] out of the place wasn’t enough, the Company is keeping everyone out of Old Town. Also, everyone in—if anyone survived, that is. What’s going on in there? Radiation? A final ground sweep to ferret out anyone/thing still living? Did Pawter and Alvis make it? We should have some answers next episode seeing as Dutch has made it her next mission to get what’s left of her friends out of there.