It’s The Killjoys Season Premiere: “Dutch And The Real Girl” Takes Us Back To The Quad

As if The Quad weren’t already an excellent analogy for the Wild West. Things get downright outlaws versus sheriffs in the season premiere of Killjoys with Dutch and Johnny suiting up in leather dusters to visit the barter town of Eulogy (like Tombstone, but spacier) with their own resident outlaw, Pree (who knew?).


Why detour to a criminals-only gambling destination when John’s brother D’avin is locked up on Arkyn having doses of green slime injected into him at regular intervals? Because a standing warrant has led the bounty hunters to discover that the town holds the key to a landing on the heavily protected moon. Stuff gets complicated though, when they discover that the device that will get them to Arkyn isn’t a thing, but a person. Or both, actually.


Clara is a hackmod with a machine gun arm she calls Alice and a radiation-absorbing shield in her chest—just the thing that can get Lucy through Arkyn’s defenses. Problem: she’s owned by the Connaver gang and illegal in The Quad. The Factory modified her beyond the legal limit of 26%. But Dutch because busted her out of the Eulogy, she agrees to help bust D’avin out of Red 17.


As it turns out, all D’av really needs is a ride off of Arkyn. He’s gained serious ground in freeing himself from the Red 17 team trying to forcibly convert him to a Level 6. Khlyen watches in awe are D’avin’s body rejects the treatments even as his unconscious self is busy witnessing some pretty freaky scenes (aka a whole lot of killing, some of which Dutch is doing).


Partnering (we guess?) with Khlyen, the two shoot their way to an exit just as the Black Root show up to tell Khlyen that it’s “time to go home.” Knowing Dutch will want to find her old teacher if she knows he’s inside, Khlyen tells D’avin to lie to her and say he’s already left the moon. As D’avin leaves, Khlyen gets zapped by the Black Root and boxed up to be sent somewhere far away. Good thing for him, D’avin outed Fancy Lee as a Level 6 and blasted him out of Lucy’s loading bay in time for Fancy to return to Khlyen’s side.


Back on Westerley, Dutch slices into D’av (literally) to make sure he still bleeds/isn’t a 6 and the trio plan their next mission: getting into a sealed off Old Town and getting Pawter and Alvis out—if they survived. While they’re talking strategy, D’avin admits he lied to Dutch about Khlyen. He also suggests that the guy might not be running the RAC, but helping and protecting them. From who, though?