Is That… Dutch?! Here’s What’s Happening In Killjoys Season 2

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It’s as official as an interplanetary arrest warrant: the second season of Killjoys returns to Space on July 1.

Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, and Luke Macfarlane are back in their roles as outer space bounty hunters Dutch, Johnny, and D’avin, picking up the plot after last season’s finale left them split in two. With D’avin a prisoner of whatever the hell is going on on Arkyn, Dutch and Johnny are determined to get him back—but even if they do, where will they go from there (especially considering what went down on Westerley)?

Here’s what we know about the second season, including this crazy sneak peek of Dutch’s new look:

“The trio of interplanetary bounty hunters hit the ground running to uncover Khlyen’s secret agenda. As shocking truths are revealed, they realize the galaxy’s notorious criminals are no match to the threat that comes from within the RAC. Dutch, Johnny, and D’avin’s loyalties are tested as they struggle to find the balance between politics, family, and doing what’s right for the good of The Quad. With so much on the line, the trio start to wonder if the warrant is still all.”

And here’s what we want to know:

Are we going to get to see Lucy, the voice of the Killjoys’ ship, materialize in human form—and if so, how will she and Johnny get along? (Quite well is our guess.)


What’s it going to take to find D’avin and bust him out of that prison/torture chamber/science experiment gone wrong on Arkyn?


Sure, her loyalty is unwavering, but will things between D’av and Dutch ever be the same after he snapped and attacked her?


While it’s clear where Dutch’s allegiances lie, Khlyen’s motives are a total mystery. Who’s side is he on? Does he care about Dutch beyond the ways in which he can use her as a weapon? We’re dying for answers to this puzzle.


Finally: Wtf is Red17? Like, other than just straight up terrifying.


The second season of Killjoys premieres Friday, July 1 at 9pm ET on Space. Season one is available now on CraveTV.