Watch The First 4 Minutes Of The Killjoys Season 2 Premiere Right Here, Right Now

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It’s Killjoys season two sneak peek time. You’ve seen the trailers, the revamped animated opening sequence, the fresh poster, and Dutch with a new silver hairdo but here’s something that you haven’t gotten a look at until now: the premiere. Or the first four minutes of it, at least.

If your one wish as a Killjoys fan was to see the bounty hunting trio reunited, then you’ll love this clip. It’s got Dutch, John, and D’avin back together and teaming up on Arkyn to storm the heavily guarded Red 17 and put a stop to whatever nefarious undertakings Khlyen and his henchmen are involved in.


“We could just run the other way… for once,” suggests John after getting a look at pure evil’s HQ—but that would be a very un-Killjoy-like thing to do. So, of course, they don’t.

Once inside the base, however, D’avin begins to realize that something’s off. Are they breaking into Red 17 or are they being lured there? Is is a trap? A nasty trick? Is any of this even real?


Watch this new clip for clues—and get all the answers when Killjoys returns to Space on July 1.