Get A Load Of This Badass Poster For Killjoys Season 2

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The countdown to Killjoys’ second season return is on and that means that from now until July, the anticipation will be building steadily as clips, hints, and stills from the upcoming episodes are revealed. Today we got a look at the official season two poster—here’s why it’s got us excited for more Killjoys:

1. It’s our trio of bounty hunters, reunited! This has to mean that D’avin won’t be stuck on Arkyn all season, right? And that Dutch will forgive him and let him rejoin the team?

2. That city standing in the background—does it mean that Westerley’s Old Town survived being bombed by The Company? We hope so.

3. Back to D’av: he’s on his feet and not sporting the same dead-eyed stare we’ve seen on the faces of other “guests” of Red 17. We could not be happier for him.

4. Dutch. Just Dutch. We’ve missed this totally badass character.

5. Explosions, giant laser blasters, and so much running. The season premiere is still a few weeks away and the poster is already telling us that it’s going to be action-packed. Tune in to Space on Friday July 1 at 9e 6p to catch the premiere.

Killjoys key art