The Wait Is Over: Watch The First Clip From Killjoys Season 2

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The first season of Killjoys ended with a vow: “I know you’re out there… I will find you,” promised Dutch after D’avin fell into the hands of Red 17. As for the quickly approaching second season? It starts with a mission: find D’avin and pull him free from Khlyen’s clutches. The question is, if they find him will he be the D’avin they remember—because who can forget the state we last saw Fancy Lee in?

Today we get our first look at the new season with a full minute-long clip featuring scenes from the upcoming season.

Dutch and Johnny know who has D’av, they just don’t know about Arkyn, the prison/Frankenstein’s laboratory where he’s being held/experimented on. Our money is on them finding that our fairly quickly. Like it’s their job, really. And at this point it might be. In all likelihood, Westerley is in ruins and it isn’t as though the bounty hunting team is in excellent standing with the RAC. Are they even Killjoys anymore? Guess we’ll find out.

What we do know is that Dutch has traded her spiderbot necklace for pink-and-black-striped exploding balls that come with their own sense of humour and Johnny has developed a sudden amnesia when it comes to recalling the definition of the word “caution.” Check out the new clip:

Forget joy, it’s kill or be killed in this new season of Killjoys. The series returns Friday July 1 on Space.