Fight Or Flight? The Killjoys Make The Final Call In “How To Kill Friends And Influence People”

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The end of the second season of Killjoys delivers the answers we’ve been waiting for since we were first introduced to Dutch, Johnny, and D’avin’s world. On the other hand, the finale also offered up a batch of fresh new questions—like, what does this Aneela woman want with The Quad and is her arrival imminent?


And what about the fate of the Killjoys themselves? Is the band breaking up? Is Johnny going solo or does he just need some alone time (with Clara and her machine gun arm, who we’re very happy to have back, by the way)?

Speaking of alone time, Dutch finally got some with Khlyen, and not a moment too soon. Her guru/teacher/Six nemesis provided her with some key answers about her past and about her virtual twin, Aneela.


If we can take him at his word, then it sounds like Dutch and Aneela’s identical appearances are merely coincidental. On the inside, however, the two couldn’t be more different. For one thing, Aneela’s veins are coursing with that plasma stuff. Khlyen claims that she was exposed to it too early and that it’s made her insane—and infinitely power-hungry. Also, she’s a few hundred years older than Dutch. Plasma = near-immortality, as demonstrated by D’avin using Fancy Lee as a human shield in a memorable scene from the finale.


Khlyen makes this final confession, revealing what he knows about Aneela, her plans, and how to stop her, right before he sacrifices himself in order to un-Six the small army of soldiers the Company has at its disposal. Using a toxin he developed based on D’avin’s immunity to the plasma, he takes it out at the source—still, there are other sources in the J and beyond.

Which is why, even though they’ve won this battle, Dutch decides that there is a bigger war to be fought. If it’s true that Aneela will stop at nothing in her quest for intergalactic domination, then no one’s truly safe until she’s been beat. Dutch might be unsure how to feel

About Khlyen’s death, but she knows she won’t actually be free until Aneela meets a similar end.


While Dutch and D’av are resolved to chase after this new fight, Johnny can’t. After tricking Delle Seyah Kendry into meeting him in Old Town, he shoots her and leaves her for dead in an alley. Killing a member of the Nine is probably the worst thing you can do in The Quad (even if she did murder your girlfriend). So Johnny runs, to spare Dutch and D’avin the consequences of his actions—but he isn’t alone. He’s got Clara and Khlyen’s old ship for company.

Will he be back? The old John would never let Dutch face Aneela without him, but so much has changed. Are we even in The Quad anymore?