The Universe Expands In The Season 2 Finale Of Killjoys—But What Lies Beyond The Quad?

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Vengeance or escape: it’s a choice Dutch, Johnny, and D’avin have to make twice in the Season 2 finale of Killjoys. Once at the beginning, when Dutch offers to drop everything for Johnny and leave the Quad and his painful memories of Pawter behind, and once at the end, when Johnny finally chooses to run while Dutch and D’avin decide to stay. They’ve won a battle but uncovered a war. Suddenly the Quad seems so small—and the J seems so vast. Are we headed there in the future?

What do we really know about Aneela?


A lot of the basic questions Dutch had about her doppelganger were answered in the finale. According to Khlyen (who we still can’t completely trust/may he RIP) the two women are unrelated, despite their mirror images. Aneela is ancient, she runs on plasma (drinks it for breakfast, actually), and she’s insane—bent on converting the population of the J into Six soldiers as part of her plan for universal domination. We can’t wait to be formally introduced.

Where’s Johnny going and will he ever come back?


Lucy is a truly altruistic spaceship. Despite her obvious affection for John, she calls in machine gun arm’d Clara to run off with him. It’s what he needs right now—but will he return? We can’t see Dutch going up against Aneela without her longtime partner/BFF at her side. It wouldn’t be right.

Is Delle Seyah Kendry really dead?


We saw Johnny shoot her. We saw her slump down into an Old Town gutter. We saw John take off with Clara for fear that the consequences of his actions would be visited on his brother and Dutch. What we didn’t see is DSK actually die. So: is she or isn’t she?

If you believe the hype, a new era of peace and cooperation has dawned on The Quad—how long will that last?


Delle Seyah used Pawter’s death (*cough* murder) as a platform for her Qreshi peace propaganda, going so far as to declare a system-wide holiday in Pawter’s name. Sure, Dutch and Khlyen took out The Company’s Six program, but what does that really do for Westerley? They’re marginally safer, but will they continue to be exploited by Qresh? Or are bigger problems headed towards The Quad?

So, we’re left with a lot of questions, huh?


What, you were expecting things to be wrapped up in a tidy little package or something? This is The Quad—nothing’s that simple. And from the looks of things, our Killjoys (the remaining two, anyway) might be venturing outside their comfort zone in the very near future to hunt for bigger fish in bigger ponds. We don’t know anything for certain, but we’re looking forward to the possibility of exploring the J next season.