Return To The Quad: Killjoys Kicks Off Filming For Season 2

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Killjoys stars Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, and Luke MacFarlane suit up in their bounty hunting gear once again as filming on the series’ second season begins this week in Toronto.

Space’s most-watched original series ever wrapped up season one with a major cliffhanger. With Westerley under attack, Dutch and John evacuate everyone they can aboard their ship Lucy. Everyone, that is, but D’Avin. Sent to help Scarback leader Alvis, D’Av picked up the trail of enemy number one—the dubious Khlyen—and ended up imprisoned by him on Arkin. In the end, we were left with a Quad on the verge of collapse and Dutch’s sworn promise to find her friend. So, where will the show go from there? This is what we know so far:

“In season two, the trio is on the move to uncover Dutch’s duplicitous and mysterious childhood mentor, Khlyen’s secret agenda. As shocking truths are revealed, Dutch, D’avin, and Johnny realize the Quad’s notorious criminals are no match for the threat within the RAC. The Killjoy’s loyalties are tested as they struggle to find the balance between politics, family, and the good of the Quad. With so much on the line, the Killjoys begin to wonder if the warrant is indeed all.”

And there’s more. Here’s what showrunner Michelle Lovretta has to say about season two: “In the debut season, we introduced the Killjoys and learned about their world, the politics of the Quad, the mysteries of the RAC, and the rich cast of characters. This season, we up the ante on the sci-fi factor, sexiness, and stakes, and answer some existing core questions while introducing new mysteries for our dynamic trio. This season promises to be a twisted romp, but the heart and soul of Killjoys remains the same—that of deep friendships and family bonds. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Excited yet? Season two of Killjoys will premiere on Space in 2016.