In Anticipation Of Killjoys Season 2, Here’s Your Crash Course On What Went Down In Season 1

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At the beginning of the first season of Killjoys, we got to know the Quad, the RAC, Dutch, her partner John, his brother D’avin, and their jobs as intergalactic bounty hunters who put the warrant above all else. At the end of the first season of Killjoys, we found out that we actually don’t know anything at all.


The lines between good and bad blurred increasingly over the course of the series, as Scarbacks (the self-harming religious order stationed on Westerley) emerged as allies and the RAC’s impartiality was called into question. The man who raised Dutch—and by “raised” we mean “trained her to be a remorseless killer”—reentered her life seeming like an outsider. Now it looks as though he’s been operating from the inside this entire time. And then there’s the unrest on Westerley, the paranoia on Leith, and the murderous scheming on Qresh.


Dutch thought she’d escaped her past, but when Khlyen began leaving her subtle messages (in the form of prettily-wrapped execution orders), she realized she couldn’t ignore him. Which didn’t mean that she was willing to pull John and D’avin into the mess, or tell them about her past. Her plan to go it alone didn’t last long though—especially after Khlyen began to threaten her crew.


But Dutch isn’t the only one with a past—she’s just the only one who can remember it. Flashes of what D’avin went through in his military days came to light as the Killjoys hunted for the doctor responsible for playing around inside his head. The disgraced military physician was part of a program to design a neural weapon that would turn soldiers against their own squads. D’avin was proof that it worked, and the side effects of what was done to him created serious problems in his relationship with Dutch.


Deciding to track down Khlyen (and kill him) sent the trio on a path that leads to all kinds of other dark discoveries. On Qresh, the ruling nine families are plotting to keep both Leithians and Westerlians in their places (and off of the elite planet). Inside the RAC, a blackops program of Level Six Killjoys operates without the knowledge of lower-level reclamation agents. And then there’s Red 17. What do we (and Dutch and co.) know about that? That it’s bad news, that they’ve got D’avin and Fancy Lee, and that they’re running who knows what kind of experiments on them in a highly-guarded facility on Arkyn.


We’re so ready for a second season. Killjoys returns to Space July 1 at 9e 6p, followed by all-new episodes of Dark Matter.