Killjoys Recap: “Vessel”



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Here on earth, even the most rich and powerful women are subjected to the indignities and discomforts of childbirth. Sure, some people call it a miracle, but if you could outsource miracles, would you? On Qresh, you can. Pregnancy is considered highly unfashionable, so highborn Qreshi women who are members of the elite Nine farm the job out to lesser wombs.


Specifically, those of Lethian daughters. Lethians, while not as lowly as the denizens of Westerley, are nonetheless viewed as sub-Qreshi—born too late down the line of succession to inherit any or Qresh’s rarified earth. They’re suitable to carry The Quad’s future leaders, but they’re not special enough to warrant a plot of land on the system’s poshest planet.


Still, carrying a Qreshi child means great honour (and a great pay cheque) for a Lethian woman and her family. And sometimes, as we see in this episode, great danger. Lethian Vessel Constance is carrying the last in a line of a great Qreshi family—one of The Nine. The birth of the baby means peace between the families. Death means a scrap of unclaimed land that the remaining eight are willing to go to war over. The catch is that the baby has to be born on Qresh and Constance is hiding out in a convent in the Badlands of Westerley.

Hired in secret by a representative of The Nine, Dutch and her team of Killjoys are handpicked to discretely escort the surrogate to Qresh—a task more complicated than it sounds.

The Vessels and the nuns that protect them have already been threatened and the Killjoys reach them just before a second deadly visitor arrives. But before they do, the brief, inside look at the world of Lethian Vessels provides a little insight into Dutch’s past.


Her disdain for the program is obvious but her explanation for it is interesting: she tells D’Avin that she “grew up in a place like this.” (Except, as we’ve seen in previous flashbacks, the main theme of her childhood was death, not surrogacy and birth.) Her expectations of the women who’ve volunteered to incubate kids for Qreshis are low but the women’s bravery and dedication to their cause proves Dutch wrong.


A security breach by unidentified Qreshi house guards on a mission to assassinate Constance and the baby she carries sends her fellow vessels into battle mode. These girls know their way around a gun and they’ll go to any lengths to complete what they see as their joint mission—the birth of Constance’s child. When John’s newest friend sacrifices herself to save the baby, all criticism about Lethian Vessels is silenced.


The escapees arrive on Qresh in time but not without some difficulties. It seems that Delle Seyah Kendry, the woman who hired Dutch and co., was playing both sides, delaying pledging an allegiance to either until the baby was deemed an official Qreshi citizen.


With the baby drama over, Kendry has turned her attentions to Dutch. It doesn’t seem like this will be our last encounter with her and The Nine.

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