Killjoys Recap: “Escape Velocity”

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It’s not that we ever imagined that the first season of Killjoys would wrap itself up in a tidy little package, it’s just that we didn’t expect quite the kind of cliffhanger we were left with in this first finale.


The episode begins 18 hours before last week’s installment ended, in the middle of the monk-led massacre at the Leith Bazaar. Scarbacks blaze through the marketplace gunning down shoppers and, when they are finally stopped, they name Alvis as the mastermind behind the whole operation. Seems fishy, right? Of course it is.

The Company, working for the elite Qreshi Nine, needs an excuse to punish Westerley. They want to take away the right of seventh generation Westerlians to migrate to the greener grass of Leith (not that Westerley has any grass at all) but the move could be politically dangerous—unless The Nine can justify their decision. And what better justification than a marauding, uprise-plotting, out of control religious order?


Knowing that Alvis is innocent, Dutch and her Killjoy partners are scrambling to find a way to free him. Especially after it’s announced that he’ll be executed before nightfall. But the framed Scarback isn’t their only problem. Khlyen is skulking around looking to get his weird green computer fluid back (and murdering Carleen in the process) and Delle Seyah Kendry has picked this of all days to call in her favour from Dutch.


Leaving D’Avin on Westerley to deal with Alvis, Dutch and John head for Qresh where they unknowingly become part of Seyah’s coup against certain members of The Nine. Back in Old Town, D’Avin spots Khlyen and trails him, only to be taken prisoner and sent to the mysterious Red 17 on the uninhabitable Qreshi moon, Arkyn. There he runs into former Level Five Killjoy Fancy Lee—only Fancy isn’t in any condition to have a conversation.


As Company bombers move in on Westerley, Old Town’s residents head for safety underground, led by Alvis (who had a clever escape plan up his robe the whole time) and accompanied by Pawter, an altruist after all. Dutch and John take Pree plus whoever else can cram aboard Lucy and make their escape before the bombers strike. But there’s still no sign of D’Avin.


As Dutch and her newly expanded crew float safely through space she records a message for her missing and incommunicado friend/boyfriend/Killjoy: “I know you’re out there. And I know that you’ll eventually hear me. I want you to know we’re never giving up. Wherever he’s taken you whatever he’s done to you, I will find you.” And we know she definitely will—but can she do it in time?