Killjoys Recap: “Enemy Khlyen”


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While D’Avin has been drowning his sorrows in street brawls, Scarback Alvis has been busy smuggling weapons for a yet to be revealed purpose. As for Dutch and John, their time is taken up by the search for Khlyen—and now that John’s new friend Carleen has hacked her way into Khlyen’s neurolink, it seems as though they’ve hit upon their first solid lead.


The surprise comes when we find out where Khlyen’s been holding up this whole time: turns out he’s got himself a cozy office on the 71st floor of the RAC. Whaaaat!? Does that mean he’s been training Dutch to become a Killjoy this whole time? Was her “escape” from his grip a ruse—just another part of her education in how to become a killer? The twist is the show’s biggest yet.

As the story digs into Dutch’s past with Khlyen, we also learn a few things about how she came to be partnered with John: it involved a wedding dress, a gun, and lots of blood. Oh, and John was in the middle of attempting to steal Lucy. Unfortunately D’Av shows up before we get to the part about how the theif and the bloody bride went from bleak standoff to best friendship.


In D’Avin’s defense, he does barge in with a purpose: he’s found a way to get Dutch into Khlyen’s heavily-fortified lair. Under the ruse of visiting HQ to dissolve their Killjoy partnership, the trio infiltrate the RAC, take out their communications system, and split up to complete the off-the-books mission they came there to do: kill Khlyen.

With D’Avin keeping Turin busy and John investigating the weird plasma podium Dutch saw via the neurolink, Dutch, or Yalena as Khlyen calls her, heads up to her former mentor’s office to show him all the ways in which his student has surpassed his teachings.


Pretending to fatally poison herself, Dutch extracts some information from him: yes, he’s always been a part of the RAC, and yes, he’s been training her for the job all along. Oh yes, and Level 6 exists. Previously believed to be merely a bit of Killjoy lore, the outing of Khlyen and the RAC’s floor 71 makes the myth a reality. Dutch now finds herself alone and in serious trouble with the RAC, both John and D’Avin having been unceremoniously shipped back to Westerley aboard a preprogrammed Lucy.


And in Old Town, the Company is making arrests. Monks are being rounded up and Alvis is among them, accused (wrongly, it appears) of orchestrating a massacre at the Leith Bazaar.


In the end, Dutch miraculously makes it back to her team. Khlyen needs her alive—we just don’t know what for.