Killjoys Recap: “A Glitch In The System”



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Another day in the Quad, another warrant. Our trio of Killjoys’ latest task is a fun one though—or so it would appear. The claim and clear warrant John signed them up for holds the promise of a whole lot of loot, which the team can call their own in exchange for cleaning out an abandoned cargo ship and blowing it up when they’re done.


A scan by Lucy reveals the ship to be free of both inhabitants and dangerous toxins so D’Avin and John follow Dutch on board after the ship’s security system mysteriously disables itself. The three split up: Dutch will search for treasure while D’Avin assembles the explosives they’ll detonate upon departure. John sets out to find the vessel’s transponder—the key to figuring out where it came from and a requirement for officially claiming the warrant.


At this point, things begin to go wrong fast. Separately, D’Avin and Dutch discover that they aren’t alone on the ship. And the transponder John finds is wiped blank. Lucy senses contamination and puts herself into quarantine, cutting her crew off from safety. This isn’t a cargo ship the Killjoys have boarded, it’s a military craft, formerly inhabited by a black ops crew of torture and interrogation specialists.

The good news (relatively speaking) is that there is only one of them left (the other having exited the ship after bidding an enigmatic farewell to Dutch.


The bad news is that the remaining soldier, Hogan, is a bit of a fanatic and he’s got D’Avin locked in a cell and primed for a painful interrogation. After being forced to ingest a host of microscopic robots designed to tear the body apart and then heal it ad infinitum, D’Avin is grilled (literally) for details about his his last mission. After being subjected to excruciating pain, he makes a shocking admission: he killed them. He killed his squad. No wonder someone wants him dead.


Witnessing his torture over the ship’s monitors, Dutch rushes to save him, knowing what became of the ship’s former crew—they were interrogated to death, or driven to suicide.


After managing to spring D’Avin, Dutch embarks on the most perilous part of her escape plan: launching herself out through the airlock in the direction of Lucy. She’s been implanted with the destroy and repair microbots too, and they should keep her alive enough (just) to reach safety.


Having boarded Lucy, who really does favour John, Dutch is able to bring her crew home, minutes before they blow the military ship into stardust.

But Dutch’s bad day isn’t over. She has a visitor and he’s here to collect a substantial debt.


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