Killjoys Season Finale Recap: Sporemageddon Lives Up To Its Name


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Now that’s how you end a season. Anyone betting on the Killjoys squad handily defeating The Lady by the 2018 finale is out some money after last night’s insane cliffhanger of an episode (and that’s saying something for this series). Instead of her downfall, we saw The Lady’s greatest wish realized: she’s out of the Green, and all of Westerley is under her freaky spell.

Things started off so well. Aneela, D’avin, and Johnny actually sort of kind of almost agreed on a plan to get Dutch out of the Green and keep The Lady trapped inside it. Using D’avin’s Green-repelling powers (or what Johnny refers to as his ‘poo face’) the trio will bust into the Green and blow it up on the way out, leaving The Lady trapped inside. It almost works.


Upon entering the Green, the Jaqobis are confronted with their worst memories. For D’av, it’s the time he went all military experiment on Dutch. For Johnny, it’s when he tried to save Pawter and failed. What The Lady offers is the chance to undo those awful events, and Johnny is tempted by the idea of staying with Pawter (or the memory of her) forever. Luckily, Dutch and D’av snap him out of it.

Alone with Aneela, The Lady makes her an offer as well: to be back together with her family, Jaq and Delle Seyah. And while it at first appears that Aneela has taken the bait, in reality it’s just a stalling technique for Dutch to figure out what she has to do: use the spore weapon Aneela’s mother gave her to shut down the Green for good. It works, but in the rush to make their escape no one pauses to consider The Lady’s shape-shifting abilities. They just grab the first Aneela they see and head for the exit. That was a mistake.


Back on Westerley, where Zeph has managed to (kinda) cure a bioweapon contagion, everyone’s memory has been wiped clean… so they’re primed for the new world order. A world where Turin is a beggar living on the street, where Dutch owns Pree’s bar, and where Johnny is her husband. In other words, a place turned completely upside down. This is The Lady’s world, now.

Five questions we have about the Killjoys Season 4 finale:

1. What will become of Aneela now that the Green is crumbling around her?

2. Is anyone else a bit grossed out by the idea of Johnny and Dutch in a romantic relationship? Their vibe is way too brother/sister for that, no?

3. Where are the real Jaq and Delle Seyah Kendry in this messed up alternative reality?

4. What is The Lady’s next step? Why choose the body of a powerless little girl to inhabit?

5. With the Green pools destroyed, is there any way for Team Awesome Force to remember who they are—and their mission?