Killjoys Recap: The Kids Are Alright (But Team Awesome Force Is Down A Member)


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If you’re going to get a surprise tattoo, you should at least get to choose the design. Dutch isn’t so lucky. Her new body art is being carved into her back from the inside—a message from Aneela about a path into and out of the Green. Aneela is breaking under the Lady’s ceaseless pressure and she needs help. So: tag team! Dutch returns to Green to fight the Lady… only this time, she’s in Aneela’s body. Wait, what?

Earlier on in the episode the team had returned to the Armada to figure out how they were going to get Westerley’s kidnapped kids out of the RAC base that had been taken over by Hullen dolls. But the Hullen have set up a bio-forcefield around the base and the good guys find out about it too late (RIP Weej).


Much like Pip and Zeph’s relationship, taking down the forcefield is complicated. It requires Dutch and D’av to dress up like Leith hippies and steal a piece of tech that, once hooked up to the Green, will allow Johnny to control the force field (for a half hour at least). With their defenses down, the Hullen are unable to stop Team Awesome Force from landing and completing their rescue mission. Still, there’s bad news ahead.

Johnny can’t hang on to his connection to the Green—he can feel the shield dying and has to let go. The result is that the entire RAC station shuts down to prepare itself for a hard reboot. When it comes back online, it will automatically view the Armada as an enemy and fire on it…unless someone stays behind to key in the self-destruct code instead. Dutch volunteers but it’s obvious that it will be Pip, already facing his own spider-in-the-brain demise, who will be the one to do it. Zeph does not take this news well. Are we losing her, too?


Before she leaves, Zeph hands Dutch one last key piece of information about the Green and her connection to Aneela. Caterpillars, says Zeph, liquify in their cocoons but keep their memories—it’s a clue to how what is about to happen can happen. When we leave Dutch, Johnny, and D’av at Pree’s bar, something’s happened and Dutch’s body now belongs to Aneela.

Five questions we have about this week’s episode of Killjoys:

1. Johnny is stressed about his third wheel status and Zeph is mourning Pip…does anyone else sense a season finale hook up? Too soon?

2. Speaking of Zeph, is she really gone? We can’t imagine the team without her anymore.

3. Did Turin know there was a chance that Weej wouldn’t make it through the shield? Is that why he didn’t want Dutch leading the mission?

4. D’avin has his memories of Jaq’s whereabouts erased so that The Lady can’t find him—but can we really trust Kendry to reunite them one day?

5. We get that Dutch and Aneela are connected in ways that go beyond anyone’s understanding, but how did they switch bodies like that?