Killjoys Recap: It Takes A Pillage To Bring Down A Lady


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Who doesn’t love a dangerous extraction mission with a squad of Hullen on your heels and a flesh-stripping silica storm on the horizon? Welcome to Telen, the Jaqobis brothers’ version of the terrible hometown you couldn’t wait to escape as a kid. There’s the silica and then there’s the people: Jaqobis Sr., for one, who welcomes his son and grandson home by shooting at them.

Holed up in the Jaqobis cabin to wait out the storm, D’avin quickly realizes that even though he’s quit drinking, his dad is still a major a-hole. Johnny shows up to complete the family reunion and the four Jaqobis men are soon joined by an old high school flame of Johnny’s. Turns out she sucks, too. While pretending to help, she sells the family out to the Hullen for cold, hard Joy.


The Hullen have been hunting the boy on behalf of The Lady. They refer to him as ‘the first born’ and tell D’avin that he’s not a child, he’s something D’avin can’t even comprehend: the beginning of everything. When the Hullen capture Johnny and D’avin’s dad, the boys do the right thing and attempt to rescue him. Of course, it’s a trap. John’s old pal has double crossed him and is working with the Hullen to deliver them Jaq. Good thing Dutch taught the kid that handy handcuff escape move.

Back aboard Lucy, Dutch and a hologram of Zeph are trying to figure out how to regenerate the decaying spores inside the canister that Aneela’s mother gave Dutch. With the Hullen draining their own kind to make a plasma portal for The Lady, there’s no time to spare. That leads Dutch to gamble on a risky move that nearly kills her. She’s only saved by Zeph’s knack for science. To Dutch’s credit, her plan works and Zeph figures out how to recreate the Lady-destroying spores.


To celebrate, Dutch and D’av embark on a hot and heavy makeout session… but things get too hot very quickly. Not in a good way. Dutch’s skin begins to burn and a pattern appears singed into her back. That can’t be a good sign.

Five questions we have about this week’s episode of Killjoys:

1. D’avin’s Hullen hostage tells him that Jaq is the beginning of everything… and the end of you. What does that mean?

2. Will Jaq really be safe with Delle Seyah? The last time we saw her she was on a mission of her own, one we wouldn’t describe as ‘safe.’

3. Speaking of Kendry, where is she and what is she up to exactly?

4. Dutch starts randomly bleeding at one point in the episode—what does that mean about what Aneela is going through?

5. What do those marks on Dutch mean and why the hells did they suddenly appear on her skin?