Killjoys Recap: It’s A Search And Rescue Mission In O Mother, Where Art Thou


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D’avin’s been gone for all of a few hours and already Dutch and Johnny have steered Lucy into a black hole in search of the elusive pulsar that Khlyen set them on course for. Lucky for them, it’s just (just) a fake black hole, one that hides the home of a bunch of assassins with high tech spears, sent there by Khlyen to protect something very dear to him. The only reason they don’t kill Dutch is because she admits that she’s his daughter. It’s her they’ve been waiting for. Johnny has less luck with them.

Leading her through a series of dark underground passages, they reach a point where only she may proceed. Beyond that, Dutch meets a very important woman with a very important mission: it’s Aneela’s mother and Khlyen’s wife, and a few centuries ago she made a deal with her husband. Aneela wasn’t well. She’d been infected by a neurotoxin on Arkyn and Khlyen was trying (and failing) to cure her. Aneela was being driven mad by a voice that would not leave her alone. Whose voice? The Lady’s, of course.


And so the couple, former Qreshi royalty, make a pact: he will try to help Aneela and she will act as a failsafe, hiding out inside the fake black hole with a weapon that will destroy The Lady (and Aneela) if need be. Dutch’s arrival and the news of Khlyen’s death tells her they’ve failed, and she readies herself to use the weapon. Of course, our hero Dutch stops her and makes her a promise: if she can’t save Aneela, she’ll end her.

Johnny and Dutch make it back out of the pseudo-black hole without a second to spare (thanks to Lucy, as always) but they aren’t the only ones to see action this episode. Pree is on a mission to rescue his man and it takes him deep into Hullen territory—a place they both escape from thanks to one of Turin’s “guys.” How cute is it when a Hullen suddenly catches feelings? Back on the armada, Zeph watches the footage Pree recorded on his contact lens cam and realizes that the Hullen have a plan to get The Lady out of the green. And it isn’t pretty.


There are, however, more immediate problems. Team Killjoy has figured out where D’av took his son. And the Hullen have figured it out, too.

Five questions we have about this week’s episode of Killjoys:

1. The Hullen don’t exactly seem like deep thinkers—or feelers. So how did Turin’s Hullen pal develop a kind of emotional intelligence?

2. How are Pree and co. going to rescue those kids from the Hullen? It was hard enough just to save their own skins from those plasma punks.

3. What is in the canister that Dutch got from… her mother? And how can it destroy The Lady?

4. Why the hells would D’av take Jaq to his home planet, a place he hates more than anywhere else in the J?

5. Next steps: saving D’avin’s butt? Again?