Killjoys Recap: Meet The Youngest Jaqobis: Baby, Face Killer


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Baby on board! Lucy’s quarters are feeling a bit cramped these days thanks to the new addition to the Killjoys crew. At just two days old, D’avin’s son is already a teenager and besides requiring constant snacks, he needs direction. Dutch volunteers to train Jaqobis Jr. in the art of kicking ass. He’s a natural, but he lacks focus (except when it comes to the snacks). What he does have is the uncanny knack to sense danger—a skill he puts to use handily when a mysterious assassin with a neck tattoo tries to take out Dutch on Utopia.

The team is on Utopia in an attempt to solve the riddle of Dutch and Johnny’s run-in with a contract killer that Dutch remembers as a woman and Johnny remembers as a dude. It’s all part of Khlyen’s strategy to hide Dutch from The Lady and to keep her memories from being seen in the Green. A brain scan reveals that Dutch’s female assassin doesn’t exist, but the database search on her tips off a kabal of killers who may or may not work for The Lady—and we’ll have to wait to find out. After an assassin’s code white blade meeting gets cut short (long before any answers come out), the Killjoys take their captive back to Lucy where he cyanides himself to death before Dutch can teach Jaqobis Jr. how to interrogate (read: torture) a prisoner.


The kid, who’s given himself the name Jaq (for Jaqobis), obviously has some gifts. His instincts saved Dutch once and he came close to saving their assassin prisoner before he could kill himself. He knows things, but he doesn’t know how or why he knows them. Dutch thinks he’ll make the perfect “weapon”—a concept D’avin is understandably opposed to. So he takes off with his son in tow.

That leaves just Dutch and Johnny to pursue The Lady before she overpowers Aneela. Zeph has taken Pip and they’re heading to the Armada to see if they can get the spider out of his head. It doesn’t look good. Meanwhile, Pree is back at the RAC, where some major… Hullen renovations have been taking place.


Five questions we have about this week’s episode of Killjoys:

1. Where do Jaq’s gifts come from? Are they typical of a Hullen/Human hybrid or is he special in some other way?

2. Is there any real hope for Pip? It doesn’t look good… Sorry Pip.

3. Who was the assassin that offed himself in Lucy’s cargo bay—and more importantly, who does he work for?

4. Delle told the Killjoy crew she was going back to Qresh to rule like the queen she thinks she is—where is she really going and why?

5. Where the hell is D’avin taking Jaq? Doesn’t he know that Dutch, despite her opinions on torture, is still the best person in the entire J to protect the kid?