Killjoys Recap: Greening Pains—They’re Like Growing Pains (Only Way Worse)


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Post-childbirth, is there anything a new mom wants to do more than sleep for 24 (or 124) hours? Our best guess is no. And that’s exactly what Delle Seyah Kendry does—but unlike other new moms, woken typically by the sound of a hungry infant, Kendry wakes up to find that her baby is already a teenager. At least she got to skip potty training.

The hybrid baby’s Hullen and human genes are at war with each other and it’s causing rapid growth spurts (and a massive appetite that is eating the Killjoys out of house and spaceship. He has to be stopped.


Zeph wants to get him back to her lab on the Hullen Armada but Turin, who has taken over there, says that the ship has powered down since the J-wide plasma freeze. But while the green has gone into a deep sleep, the Hullen aboard the Armada have woken up—and they have a mission. We’re not sure exactly what it is just yet, but they’re determined…and they’ve jacked the Armada’s entire fleet of fighter ships. Is the Lady behind this surprise move?

On Westerly, children are disappearing. They’re being snatched in the middle of the night by Hullen goons wearing infrared glasses. Gared busts a gang of them in the act but he’s busted in return and taken aboard a Hullen ship—the same one where the kids are being held. Why the kidnappings? Because the Lady is looking for something… someone. Which means it’s not safe for Lucy to return to the Quad, considering the kid she has on board.


To help D’av and Delle Seyah’s nameless new offspring, Pip, D’av, Johnny, and Dutch head to Utopia to rustle up a bioweapons expert in hopes that he can create a gene therapy that will fix the kid. One rejected bribe, one stickup, and one failed kidnapping later, they have the bioweapons guy…or his consciousness anyway, uploaded into a computer and living out his life without the burden of a fleshy, mortal body. Johnny plugs him into Lucy’s mainframe and after a few threats to delete him completely, he comes up with a cure for the kid.

We’re this close to a happy-ish ending when Pip’s spider implant thing kicks in and tells him to steal the kid and deliver him to…well, again, it’s probably the Lady. Of course, team Killjoy shows up at the last second and saves the day, knocking Pippin out cold. Zeph insists on running a full barrage of tests on him—Dutch, however, is ready to write him off. She has bigger problems, so you can hardly blame her.


Five questions we have about this week’s episode of Killjoys:

1. We know it’s only been around 24 hours, but is anyone going to give this baby/child/teenager a name?

2. Where are the Hullen who left the Armada heading? What are they going to do with all those kidnapped Westerly kids?

3. Is there hope for Pip? Can Zeph get that spider out of him?

4. The differences in Johnny and Dutch’s version of how they became BFFs has made Dutch realize that Khlyen has hidden some sort of code below the surface of her memories. What is it? How are they going to decode it and stop the Lady?

5. “You’ll be dead before you see her,” says the kid while Pip is in the middle of kidnapping him. Wait…how does he know about the Lady? Are they already connected in some way?