Killjoys Recap: What To Expect When You’re Expecting…An Alien Parasite?


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Hullen fun fact: they can’t have babies so they need to use human hosts to reproduce. And that’s how Delle Seyah Kendry ended up in the predicament we find her in on this episode of Killjoys: body pumped full of plasma and unable to birth (by any means) a giant Hullen/human hybrid…baby-thing. The solution? Let’s just say it’s a bit more drastic than a C-section. But first: the team has got to fix Johnny and wake up Dutch.

After last week’s epic water breakage, we come back to discover that D’avin is running the show—so thank god for Zeph. She manages to keep everyone in line until Dutch regains consciousness. Then she gets them back in line again after Dutch regains consciousness. With mean, green Johnny trying out his emotional manipulation techniques on Dutch, she’s a little off-balance.


Then there’s the fact that she’s just emerged from the green after an epic battle of wills with the a faceless woman who’s trying to find a gateway to the J (so that she can destroy it). She’s shown Dutch exactly what her arrival would look like (spoiler alert: everyone dies). Now the only thing standing between her and the J is Aneela—even she can’t hold down the fort forever.

But first things first: somebody needs to stop Johnny from bashing in his own head. In a weird turn of events, that someone turns out to be Johnny. Driven half-mad by his Hullen hostile takeover, Johnny bucks against the restraints D’av put him in and snaps his own neck. Luckily, it’s the future and we’re in space and there are fancy tools to fix that problem. So much for resting in peace.

The upside (aside from not losing one of the show’s beloved central characters—we’re looking at you, Wynonna Earp) is that Zeph discovers that Hullen parasites need access to the brain to live. Cut off from that, a body de-Hullenizes. All you have to do is wait until the second before that body dies completely to cure the person. Not. Stressful. At. All. Right, Kendry?


The last minute save gives Zeph an idea about how to finally extract Kendry’s baby: they’ll have to break her neck and de-Hullenize her, too. Her reaction is exactly what we’d expect it to be. Same re: the baby when it finally comes out (but D’av looks smitten with his new lil’ Jaqobis). The episode ends with Dutch giving Team Killjoy an edited version of where she’s been all this time and telling them they’ve got one choice: fight.

Five questions we have about this week’s episode of Killjoys:

1. The Lady implies that she’ll be using Kendry’s baby as a… vehicle? Avatar? Demon host? Something like that, anyway. But how?

2. Was it Aneela who froze the green after Dutch escaped?

3. And on that same track, how did Dutch get out, and how will she return to help Aneela if every plasma pool in the J is frozen over?

4. Is Turin in trouble? It looks like his Hullen soldiers are waking up… and they seem well-rested.

5. How and why is Johnny the key to keeping The Lady in the green? What does he know and how did Khlyen manipulate things to make sure that he knew it?