Killjoys Recap: The Jaqobis Take Off On A Wild And Violent Bro-d Trip


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Leaving Delle Seyah Kendry behind, Mean Johnny and Naive D’Avin take off on a little road trip that Johnny claims will lead them back to Dutch. John says that all he needs to access Dutch’s mind and figure out where she disappeared to is a fresh pool of plasma. D’Avin suspects that his brother may have ulterior motives for finding more of the green stuff, but he goes along with him anyway (new Johnny is a crazy-manipulative dude), even allowing John to use his plasma allergy and turn him into a human divining rod in the hunt to get Johnny his fix.

The only person who knows John’s true intentions is… Dutch. Yep, it’s Dutch who’s been trying to coerce her BFF to hang on to the last shreds of his humanity before the green swallows it up and he becomes 100% Hullen (read: a sociopath). The Hullen in John is annoyed by her ever-present voice inside his head. As for human Johnny, Dutch is probably the only thing keeping him from being wiped out completely.


Back at the organ harvesting hub, Kendry is holding her own against a corrupt warden who wants her baby. When the labour-inducing drugs he gives her don’t work, he orders that Kendry be prepped for a C-Section. LOL. He has no idea who he’s dealing with.

Using her powers of persuasion, Kendry convinces a fellow inmate to turn on the warden and bust him for his illegal child-trading side hustle. HQ comes to collect him just as Zeph, Pree, and Pip arrive to rescue Kendry and the Jaqobis. They’re just a little bit late—but it isn’t exactly their fault. Lucy did spend the episode trying to murder them until, at the last second, the trio figured out how to disarm her kill-y anti-theft program.


With a big chunk of the crew back together again, Lucy heads for the plasma pool where Johnny and D’Avin are duking it out over John’s determination to go full Hullen. Punches are thrown, shots are fired, necks are strangled. Things get so bad that Dutch climbs out of the plasma pool and shoots John with a stun gun. Behind her, the plasma crystallises.

Now that the reunion is complete, all that’s left are questions—like, is Johnny gone for good? And why won’t Dutch wake up? The answers will have to wait though, because Delle Seyah’s water just broke.


Five questions we have about this week’s episode of Killjoys:

1.  Is there any going back for Johnny? He keeps getting crazier, and he’s been shot, and he’s taken a bomb blast to, well, his entire body. Can someone back at the Armada fix him?

2. Pip twitched when he saw the disabled spider in Zeph’s lab… is there one in him? What’s it doing? Waiting?

3. When Zeph brought the glitching Hullen guy back to semi-consciousness, the first thing he did was try to shoot himself in the head. Why? Do Hullen really fear The Lady that much?

4. What sort of custody arrangement will D’av, Kendry, and Aneela come to?

5. Why did the pool of plasma that Dutch emerged from crystallise when she came out of it?