Killjoys Recap: Johnny Dangerously Introduces A New John Jaqobis—And We Don’t Like Him


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The good news is that Johnny, D’avin, and Kendry have avoided crashing into the sun. The bad news is that they’re marooned on a debtors colony planet where the inmates pay off debts by allowing their organs to be harvested and regrowing them over and over and over again. Thanks, science. Upon arrival, Johnny is wounded in a scuffle with a group of debtors and the only way to make sure he doesn’t die is to dose him with plasma. Hopped up on green juice, Johnny is not quite himself (read: he has upper body strength and no conscience).

Kendry only had enough plasma on hand to save Johnny, not stabilise him. Which means that until he gets more green, he’s going to keep acting like a total psychopath. As Kendry and D’avin try to find a way off the colony planet before guards show up and make them permanent prisoners, all Johnny can think about is getting his juice fix. Pretending to go along with the gang, he separates his brother from Kendry (and the child the odd couple is expecting), sending her off to plant a homing beacon he’d rigged to send a distress call to Lucy.


Turns out it was actually a beacon to alert the colony’s guards. By the time they show up, Johnny has a semi-conscious D’av handcuffed in a truck and is ready to roll. His plan to ditch Delle Seyah has worked. The guards have her and he’s escaped with his brother. Not cool, Johnny. How are you going to explain that stunt to your future niece or nephew?

While Johnny’s been conning his brother and his brother’s baby mama, Zeph and Pip have been looking for a way to track their missing pals and bring them back to The Quad. Science genius that she is, Zeph constructs a jump cube inspired by Khlyen’s tech that gets them to the Necropolis. With them is a former Scarback-turned-dominatrix. When the three arrive at the Necropolis, they find piles of dead monks.


Pip goes to find security footage of the massacre while Zeph and the dominatrix investigate the crime scene. There, they find one victim that’s a suicide, not a murder. Just as they’re wondering why that particular monk would have killed himself, one of those terrible mechanical-seeming spiders emerges from the pile of corpses and heads for Zeph. Her new dominatrix friend manages to zap it just in time. Pip isn’t so lucky.

He finds footage that proves Johnny, D’avin, Kendry made it off of the Necropolis and discovers that Lucy shot a tracking device onto the elevator they escaped in. There’s also video of Dutch and Aneela disappearing into the green. The price he pays for all that intel? He’s attacked by a Hullen goon with a mouthful of mechanical spider. Pip emerges from the incident like nothing’s wrong… but that can’t be true.


Five questions we have about this week’s episode of Killjoys

1. What’s up with Pip? Does he have one of those weird spiders in him? What has it done to him?

2. Green Johnny = Mean Johnny. Where is he taking D’avin? How is he going to get off of the colony planet?

3. There might be one benefit to plasma junky Johnny: can he link up with Dutch through the green?

4. When the ex-Scarback dominatrix sees Zeph’s necklace, she quickly hides it. Why? What does it mean?

5. Who do those spiders belong to? Who are they working for? Are they a weapon The Lady deploys?