Killjoys Recap: The Warrior Princess Bride Reveals The Story Behind Dutch And Johnny’s BFF-ship


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“When you are lost and breaking and without the strength,” Khlyen tells Dutch, “Find Johnny… he is your North Star.” That’s the moral of the story he recounts in this, the Season 4 premiere of Killjoys, which stretches back in time seven years to the roots of Johnny’s unbreakable bond with Dutch (we even find out the origin of that particular nickname). The story is an important one, says Khlyen. Dutch must hold on to the details… if she wants to survive in her fight against The Lady.

We find Dutch, Aneela, and Khlyen exactly where we left them last season: mired in the Green space and preparing to take on a yet-to-be-seen foe. There’s one big difference, though: Dutch has been wounded by The Lady and her injury seems to be spreading. She worries it will reach her heart. Khlyen worries it will reach her head.


To calm her and give her strength, Khlyen guides her through the memory of her first (unofficial) job with the RAC—think: a Trojan horse shipment of beet wine, an assassin, and a Qreshi sex party. Welcome back to Killjoys! Is it hot in here or what?

Broke and looking for a way to make a quick Joy, Dutch signs herself, Johnny, and Lucy up for a quick run from the outer J to the Quad with seemingly innocuous cargo. Little did they know, they were actually smuggling poison. After being picked up by the RAC (no importing allowed unless you’re Company) and having their ship confiscated, Dutch and Johnny get into a scuffle with an agent at Pree’s bar and end up having to make a deal for their freedom (well, Johnny’s anyway).


If they manage to sneak into an elite sex party on Qresh, find an assassin and her target, and stop her, John and Lucy get to go free. Dutch? She shot an RAC agent, so… not so much. Dutch attempts to keep Johnny out of it by conspiring with Lucy, but Johnny sweet-talks the ship (hey, he’s good with computers). On Qresh, the pair work their magic and crack the case with their usual finesse. Johnny does get a little bit lethally poisoned but it’s their undeniable bond and love for each other that leads to his cure.


Success on Qresh leads the RAC to forgive the pair completely AND offer them a gig as Killjoys and a home in the Quad. Dutch is worried she’ll put Johnny in danger just by hanging around. Johnny suggests that they give it a two-year trial and go from there and the next seven years, of course, are history.

Back in the present (and in the Green) Khlyen makes certain that Dutch understands the moral of his story: when she’s in trouble, look for Johnny. And she’s never been in more trouble than right now.


5 questions we have about the Killjoys Season 4 premiere: 

1. Why is Aneela so angry with Khlyen? How did she expect that he would raise Dutch?

2. How the hell is Johnny supposed to help Dutch from where he is (trapped outside the Green and inside the Necropolis)?

3. It seems like Khlyen and Aneela know that Dutch has to face The Lady alone. Why? And how did they know that? And why didn’t they warn her??!?

4. What has The Lady done to Dutch? What will that wound eventually do to her mind? Can a story, like Khlyen says, really save her?

5. On what plane will Dutch face The Lady? When we left her she seemed to have been pulled into a web of Green… will this be a psychic fight or a physical one?