Killjoys Recap: Aneela Comes In Like A Reckoning Ball

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It’s Reckoning Night in the Quad and everyone’s making super emotional apologies and running around with knives—so you know someone’s going to get cut. The Scarback tradition of making things right before heading off to war continues as D’avin and Dutch try to hack into the green to implant a fake memory that might save Dutch from having to sacrifice herself to kill Aneela.

The plan: using experimental brain-hacking tech obtained from a creepy VR porn shop, Dutch and D’avin record a scene in which she claims that she’ll be hiding out in Khlyen’s shiny cube. It’s a trap to lure Aneela there and imprison her like Khlyen did. That way they can avoid killing her (and Dutch in the process). On their second try, they nail it. Using their captive Hullen prisoner, they implant the memory into the plasma while erasing her memories of their plan.

It works… until it doesn’t. The Hullen are crafty and nearly impossible to kill. Their captive frees herself and threatens Pippin with a painful death unless he tells her what they did. Once she knows, all she has to do is stick her hand into some of the green stuff and the entire Hullen hive mind becomes aware of the trap the Killjoys have set.

On the upside, it’s pretty satisfying when D’avin spaces her, condemning her to a cold, lonely, and infinitely long life.

While Dutch and D’av are playing mindgames with with Hullen, Johnny is trying to hold his own against Delle Seyah Kendry. The tests he and Zeph run on the extremely pregnant Kendry confirm that D’avin is actually the father of her baby. The mother? Aneela. The tests also reveal that the baby has inherited D’avs resistance to the plasma, which means that the Hullen, who have always needed human hosts to reproduce, won’t require them anymore. Kendry’s baby equals humanity’s extinction.

Alvis, who’s been wandering the streets of Westerly handing out Reckoning knives and making amends all night, receives an unexpected visitor late in the day. After Dutch tells Johnny and D’avin that she has one last thing to do before she joins them at the bar, Aneela shows up at Scarback HQ impersonating her. Alvis falls for it and Aneela uses one of his own knives to end him. But if that was Aneela, then where is Dutch?

5 questions about this week’s episode

1. What was the point of freeing Turin? Will Fancy’s gamble have some big payoff in the war against the Hullen?

2. Are Johnny and Zeph going to science nerd hook up or what?

3. Aneela just used her Dutch lookalike status to get close to (and kill) Alvis—who else is going to fall victim to that dirty trick?

4. Is Delle Seyah Kendry secretly happy to be a Killjoy prisoner?

5. Do Johnny and D’avin have an alternative plan to save Dutch that they’re not telling her about?