Killjoys Recap: Heist, Heist Baby Is A Classic Killjoy Caper

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Aneela is not in control. The seemingly all-powerful goddess of the green answers to (and is ultimately controlled by) a higher power. And while the mysterious Lady’s henchmen may be no match for Aneel  and a very pregnant, very stabby Kendry, it’s obvious that Dutch’s twin is scared of the woman she says is trapped inside the green—and looking for way out. To that end, the Lady is engaged in a battle to control the Hullen ship, changing its course to carry Aneela straight to her. Aneela, of course, is putting up a fight.

Her first order of business (OK, second order, after spending a good chunk of the episode torturing Gander in every way imaginable) is to transfuse every last free Hullen aboard her ship with the strain of green that will turn them into mindless slaves. Next, she asks Kendry to do something for her—and though we don’t yet know what the favour is, we know it’s going to be unpleasant (and probably involve that baby-thing she’s carrying).

Other than the whole realizing that if she kills Aneela, she herself is dead thing, Dutch gets to have all the fun this episode. She, D’avin, and Johnny pull off a classic Killjoys heist, ambushing a mining convoy to steal some sort of giant vibrating machine that Johnny says will mess with Hullen tech and make it possible for the good guys to launch a successful attack.

But it’s all a ruse. Dutch’s plan all along has been to pretend like she didn’t have one, handing over control of her army to D’av while she pretended to check out. What she’s suspected all along (finally getting confirmation of her theory from Zeph) is that her life is tied inextricably to Aneela’s. Aneela is Dutch’s original source. Kill the source and Dutch dies, too.

Dutch being Dutch, she’s already accepted her fate. She explains all of this to D’avin, telling him that this was why she handed command of the army over to him and making him swear to keep her plan a secret from Johnny—who would never, in a trillion lightyears, let her go through with it.

5 questions about this week’s episode

1. Who, where, and what is the Lady?

2. Aneela told Kendry that the Lady is trapped inside the green and looking for a way out—is it through Kendry? Is she going to give birth to a baby Lady? Was that the “door” Aneela was talking about?

3. Does Kendry’s baby have anything to do with the unpleasant favour Aneela is about to ask of her?

4. Will both D’avin and Zeph be able to keep the secret about Dutch’s life being tied to Aneela’s from Johnny?

5. Is there anyway to take out Aneela and still save Dutch?