Killjoys Recap: Some Difficult Choices About The Wolf You Feed

Poor Aneela—she’s bad, but is it really her fault? Something tells us that Khlyen started her on the green diet way too young. She seems emotional (in a stunted way) and sociopathic all at once. Like the kind of person who, out of boredom, would yank a younger version of herself out of past memories, through the plasma abyss, and into a very difficult existence. Which she totally did. And that, Killjoys fans, is the story of how Dutch came to be.

The revelations come from Dutch and Zeph’s rogue mission to crack open everything that Khlyen has hidden in the Remnant. The brain carpaccio contained within holds Aneela’s memories—and Zeph has found a (very risky) way for Dutch to access them. As Dutch strolls down scary memory lane, she discovers that Khlyen (and therefore Aneela and Dutch) is Qreshi royalty. Something like the threat of global warming pushed father and daughter to leave Qresh for Arkin, where bad stuff happened.

Lonely and imprisoned in one of Khlyen’s remote mirrored cubes, Aneela begins to extract and store her plasma in secret, finally saving up enough for… a bath? She uses the green stuff to transport herself to a happier time, but isn’t content just to watch. Instead, she pulls a baby version of herself back to the cube. Girls just wanna have fun, okay?

All this cerebral cortex drama (including a flashback to her own bloody wedding) gives Dutch a seizure, scaring the hells out of Zeph, who barely manages to pull her out of it. And since Dutch is MIA, D’avin has to play leader, rallying the troops to remain on side and negotiating with the Cleansed who are suspected (by Turin, chiefly) of not being fully human.

In the end, the Cleansed decide to trust D’avin—key, because they’re the only ones who can fly the fleet of Hullen ships needed for the assault on Aneela’s armada. Turin, for his treachery, ends up in the cell he tried to imprison the Cleansed in.

With Dutch in a delicate mental state after tripping out on Aneela’s brains, she hands the reigns over to D’av, telling him that the army and the war are his—for now.

5 questions about this week’s episode

1. Khlyen being Dutch’s dad is by far the episode’s biggest reveal—but who is her mother?

2. What the hells happened to Aneela on Arkin that was so terrible?

3. With D’avin taking over as leader in the war against the Hullen, is Dutch going to go on a solo mission to take on Aneela?

4. Aneela genuinely wanted do-over, so what happened to make her hate the other version of herself (aka Dutch)?

5. What are the risks if the Cleansed aren’t actually cured but only in remission (which is what the Hullen told Fancy)?