Killjoys Recap: Necropolis Now Or Never

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An awkward kiss, a busted elevator, and a revenge plot involving burrowing metal bugs make up the list of immediate problems that Dutch, D’avin, and Johnny have to contend with while the threat (promise?) of war pitches higher and higher in the background. Setting off for the RAC Necropolis to honour all the slain Killjoys that Aneela appears to have decimated using her plasma-powered brain, the trio is joined by Turin and the heads of The Nine—Qresh’s ruling class and the so-called guardians of the Quad.

It’s just your average mass funeral up until the point where the space elevator back down to the landing docks malfunctions and Qreshi big shots start to die in the bloodiest, most dramatic way.

With Johnny still stuck in the Necropolis trying to figure out why Pawter’s sister Luella has such a hate-on for him, it’s up to Dutch and D’av to figure out who’s turning the Nine’s internal organs into soup. Oops, it’s one of their own—Luella, exacting revenge on the Nine for what they did to her family… and on Johnny for the death of Pawter. Which is more than a little misguided.

While the Killjoys take a timeout from their war with the Hullen, the Hullen are giving Aneela her own timeout—in a tub full of plasma while they do god knows what to Aneela’s very own pet Qreshi, Delle Seyah Kendry. According to the Hullen, Aneela only seems to be in charge. They’re using her for her gifts with the plasma, and a recent breakthrough she’s made in the lab might mean they don’t need her anymore. Only it doesn’t turn out the way they planned. Aneela’s loyal handmaid wakes her from her dream state and tells her what’s been done to Kendry. Cue: Aneela’s murderous mind rampage up and down the halls of the Hullen ship. She showed them.

Back in Old Town, Dutch is driving a hard bargain with the Nine, insisting they abandon their plans to abandon the Quad and fund her war. With that victory behind her, all that’s left to do is discuss her awkward kiss with D’av. Zeph saves her from having to face that embarrassment by calling with an update: not only has she opened the Remnant, but she knows what’s inside: slices of brain. Specifically, the part of the brain that holds memories—Aneela’s missing ones.

5 questions about this week’s episode

1. Last week Aneela destroyed every last RAC station, killing even the Hullen on board. This week it looks like she massacred everyone on her ship. Um, did Aneela just win Dutch’s war for her?

2. Zeph has made a massive discovery about The Remnant—what will Dutch and co. learn from Aneela’s memories?

3. What, exactly, is this Jacobi-related breakthrough that Aneela’s made in her lab?

4. Delle Seyah Kendry is suddenly looking very pregnant. How long was Aneela in that plasma bath for?

5. Is that awkward kiss between Dutch and D’av ever going to be resolved?