Killjoys Recap: In Attack The RAC, The War Is All

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This is war. With Dutch’s all-out offensive on her own RAC division, it’s official: the Hullen have been put on notice. Killjoys across the Quad now know that their organization has been infiltrated by alien invaders bent on co-opting the human race by injecting them with their precious plasma, turning them into hive-minded, hard-to-kill sociopaths. They call it an upgrade, but anyone who’s familiar with Doctor Who’s Cybermen will recognize that pitch as bogus.

So-called Level Sixes are parasitic, and Dutch and her team aim to stop them from colonizing the bodies of every human in the J by turning the remaining human Killjoys against them. It’s a good plan… and it almost works.

With Turin’s help, Dutch and D’av manage to wrangle some Killjoy captains and get them on side. It comes at a cost, though. As a former Level Six, Fancy Lee is tasked with demonstrating just how dangerous the Hullen are but the mind games their alien prisoner attempts to playon him end up affecting Turin instead, whose trust in Fancy falters, nearly getting Lee killed.

The team that invades RAC HQ has their own problems. Chiefly, a mole who’s tipped off the Hullen inside and readied them for Dutch’s arrival. Instead of a quiet cull, they end up with a noisy bloodbath that almost gets Johnny’s brain wiped clean and D’avin shipped off to Aneela’s ship.

And that’s not even the worst of it.

The episode ends with Banyon Grey dead (apparently she wasn’t Hullen—oops), with Fancy alienated from the rest of the rebels (especially Turin, who almost let him die in an unplanned cage match against a Hullen prisoner), with Aneela and Delle Sayeh Kendry forming an even tighter bond (like the kind where they make out), and with nearly all of Dutch’s allies unexpectedly blown out of the sky—a trick Aneela appears to pull off using only the power of her mind. Yikes.

According to Dutch’s evil lookalike, she could have taken out Lucy, too. But she’s saving that very special kill for later… when she has Dutch to herself and all alone.

5 questions about this week’s episode

1. How, exactly, did Aneela blow up all those spaceships in the blink of an eye? What kind of weapon and/or telekinetic superpower can do that?

2. What did Aneela mean when she told Kendry that she “went after the wrong brother”? And what was Aneela’s alleged “fix”?

3. Did that Hullen memory wipe device do something to Johnny’s brain that we don’t know about yet?

4. Are there any more of those genetic bombs floating around the Quad? They seem to be the only effective Hullen-killer.

5. How the hells is Dutch going to fight her war now that Aneela’s taken out 90% of her brand new army?