Killjoys Recap: Past Meets Present In The Lion, The Witch & The Warlord

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Like the song says, there are, like, a lot of ways to leave your lover—but when your lover is the leader of a super scary rebel warrior faction, you should probably try to let him down easy. That bit of advice comes too late for Pree, who ghosted his old flame and disappeared into the J without so much as an evite to the opening of his bar in Old Town. Which makes asking the ex for help (on behalf of Johnny and Dutch) just a bit awkward.

All Dutch wanted was a quiet place to hide out for a bit and and a new army for her war against the Hullen. Instead, she has to negotiate the death sentence hanging over Pree AND the Black Warrant that someone took out on Johnny.

See, Pree isn’t the only one whose past is catching up to his present. Johnny’s alleyway encounter with Delle Sayeh Kendry has him in hot water with the RAC. Someone doctored the footage to make it look like he killed her. What’s more, he believes he did. Of course we know that the notorious Niner is safe(ish) aboard Aneela’s ship. And that she’s gone full Hullen thanks to regular doses of the green stuff.

So while Dutch and Johnny are being forced into a three-round proxy battle to see whether or not Pree gets to live, DSK is hanging out with the Hullen Armada, getting plasma lessons from Dutch’s arch enemy. As for D’avin, he’s paired up with the team’s new science nerd, Zeph, to try to jailbreak their plasma sample to find out where Kendry really is. It works (finally) and D’avin is transported aboard Aneela’s ship, where he finds out that Delle Sayeh’s been Hullified and that Aneela not only knows about Dutch, but, in her words, is “coming for her”. We’re betting Dutch will be ready.

Dutch now has Pree’s rebel pals on her side. And with Kendry’s warrant against Johnny retracted (thanks to the Hullen, strangely) she’s free to focus on what really matters: punching Johnny in the face to commemorate his freshly minted Level 5 Killjoy status, opening the Remnant, and ridding the J of the parasitic Hullen.

5 questions about this week’s episode

1. How is it that only Aneela could see D’avin when he psychically boarded her ship? DSK and Aneela’s little lackey were completely blind to his presence.

2. How did Kendry hook up with Aneela and her Hullen horde in the first place?

3. Zeph opened the Remnant… then she closed it. Does she plan on keeping the key to unlocking it a secret from Dutch, Johnny, and D’avin?

4. Is Banyan Hullen? And if she isn’t, why is she trying to hard to thwart Dutch and co. at every turn?

5. Should Pree wear that blonde wig all the time or nah?