Killjoys Recap: The Hullen Have Eyes—Everyone Else Is Blind

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No sooner do Johnny, D’avin and Dutch find themselves back together than they’re itching to set off a new adventure (read: risky and ill-planned mission). This time, it’s in one of the cloaked Hullen jets Turin found on Arkin. After Dutch pulls the classic “let’s push this button and see what happens” move, the trio (plus their new junior science officer, Zeph) wind up on some far away former colony that the Hullen have abandoned (well, almost).

Finding themselves in a quaint little village that appears to be at least 100 years old, Dutch and D’avin come under attack—by the sun. The flares are so strong and the village’s ultra-violet shields are so not a thing that whenever a flare alarm sounds, you’d better take cover. That’s why the villagers, all blind but one, live underground. It keeps their skin from frying and their organs from being sauteed.

Among them is one solitary man who still has his sight. The villagers began stitching up baby’s eyes as some sort of religious gesture designed to honour the Hullen, the god-like beings who once lived among them (learning to be human so that they could invade and conquer even more colonies).

So while Dutch, D’av, and Johnny may have been able to pass themselves off as the Undying to the villagers, the Seer can, uh, see right through them.

With Zeph and the ship gone AWOL, Dutch and her crew are left to deal with the Seer’s wrath. He’s mad because Khlyen came to collect the remaining Hullen from the village but left him behind, promising to return. Now that he’s dead, that’s going to be super difficult. The only person who takes the news harder is Aneela, who slices and dices an entire security detail (her own) after Delle Seyah Kendry tells her that her father is no more.

With the help of one of the sightless village children, D’av finds the Remnant—the thing he’d come to the village to look for just three days ago (but has no memory of doing). Just as the villagers get super restless (and super kill-y), Zeph reappears with the ship, scooping them all up and out of danger. For her trouble (and for not letting herself get captured), Johnny lectures her and assigns her to desk duty, figuring out what the Remnant is and how it works. Jeez, Johnny. Jealous much?

5 questions about this week’s episode

1. The whole memory-loss thing around the Remnant—just more weird D’av stuff or is in connected to the fact that D’av’s veins once ran with green plasma?

2. And what about the fleet? Only D’av can control those Black Root jets—does that mean they were put there for him to use?

3. Not to get all administrative about it but where are those missing RAC agents?

4. How long will Kendry’s bowing and scraping work to keep Aneela from cutting off her head?

5. What’s this about there being two strains of Hullen and two (or more) variations on plasma?