Killjoys Recap: Spotlight On The Hackmod Rebellion In A Skinner, Darkly

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Carrying an unconscious Ollie, Johnny braves Hackmod territory all over again in an effort to revive her following their encounter with the two-faced dude. It turns out that despite his new laser finger, he’s got a lot to learn about Hacklife.

Ollie is simply in sleep mode—the attack triggered a sort of “kill switch” that the factory installs to keep Hackmods from turning on their owners. To find out who sicced two-face on them, the pair decide to infiltrate Livio Surgical Spa—a place rumoured to dabble in illegal skin-morphing procedures.

Johnny meets with Livio’s leading Hackmod, Niko—a super powerful, super hot, and super dangerous woman with a collection of weaponized legs. Pretending he’s into some of the spa’s extreme cosmetic surgery, he keeps her occupied while Ollie takes a look behind the metaphorical curtain and finds… a lot of skinned corpses hanging from meat hooks. Hope no one decided to eat dinner in front of this episode.

The bodies (or what’s left of them) belong to Hackmod owners. The skinning project is Niko’s personal revenge fantasy made real—and useful. Her jumpers bring her plasma from all over the Quad, she gives rich people temporary new faces, and the profits go to fund a new Hackmod colony at the end of the J. To save Clara from Niko’s wrath, her friend Yoki did the same thing to her, wiping her memory and hiding her under a new face: Ollie’s.

Without Johnny at her side, Dutch has to bring in a new crop of eggheads, auditioning three of them on a mission to get a broken comms tower back online. Of course, there are a series of obstacles standing between them and the fix—including a deadly pathogen that’s about to flood the facility and kill them all. They manage to avoid that fate but the comms tower remains offline—until a very distracted young scientist (who’s been paying close attention to D’av all day) decides that the science says she can fix the tower despite their desperation to get out of their alive. And she’s right. When the facility blows up with everyone in it, they all wake up on Lucy. The entire mission was a VR test and only one of the new recruits had figured it out. Turin dismisses her for disobeying orders, but Dutch brings her onto the team anyway. She’s smart and Dutch knows it, even if no one could ever replace Johnny.

Luckily, no one has to. When Clara/Ollie decides to stay in Rat City and fight the Hackmod fight, Johnny returns to his old team… just in time. Aneela, who get to hear speak for the first time (in a North American accent, no less) appears to be ramping up her attempt to take over the Quad—by “welcoming” a high-powered Qreshi aboard her ship: Delle Seyah Kendry.

5 questions about this week’s episode

Niko tells Johnny, “Wherever there’s green juice, there’s Killjoys guarding it.” Is she telling the truth? What’s the tie between Killjoys and the Hullen?

Who abandoned those Black Root ships that Turin found and when are they coming to collect them? Are they Aneela’s?

How’s Johnny going to feel about the new science squad that’s joined their Killjoy team? Will he be jealous? Or just psyched to have a few interns under him?

What, exactly, does Aneela want with Delle Seyah and Qresh?

Is that really the last we’ll see of Niko? She’s far too compelling a character to be gone so soon, right?