The Whole “Meet The Parents” Thing Is Tough Enough When You’re Expecting It—This Killjoy Wasn’t

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Visiting family can be stressful—especially when you’re doing it unexpectedly and in the body of the man who might be your greatest enemy (we’re still not clear on Khlyen’s intentions towards Dutch and her crew). Both D’avin and his dad are shocked to (sort of) see each other after so many years, and while D’av’s body was technically a million miles away from his home planet.

Khlyen broke out the green goo again, using it to get inside D’av’s head. This time, D’avin pushed back, causing the two to swap bodies. Meaning: D’avin got to spend some time with his estranged dad and Dutch got to spend some time with her estranged, uh, nemesis—while trying to figure out how the hell she was going to switch them back.

Typically, that’d be Johnny’s area of expertise, only he’s on Qresh as Pawter’s Killjoy escort (no, not like that) and his hands are full dealing with her mean girl sister, doormat dad, and icy (literally) mother.


Oh, and there’s a pathogenic fog closing in on their island compound that is about to freeze them all to death if Pawter and Johnny can’t figure out how to stop it. NBD.


The reason they’re there in the first place is because Pawter decided to debase herself for the sake of Old Town, grovelling at her powerful mother’s feet to ask for help in getting the wall the Company put up taken down. Of course, she gets denied, but then her sister’s fiance tries to take out the family with that pathogen and suddenly Pawter’s got the upper hand again. She saves her sister, but both her parents perish, sacrificing themselves for the family—which Pawter now heads up.

The former Qreshi exile is now a powerful board member‚ but she’s still just one person. Will she really be able to do anything to help Old Town?


Holed up inside Lucy with D’avin’s body/Khlyen’s consciousness, Dutch makes some progress in unravelling the mystery about her past. Khlyen won’t reveal much, even in his weakened state (Dutch is a terrible doctor) but he does tell her that it wasn’t her D’av saw in his goo-induced visions of Arkyn. He also leaves her with a promise: that if she can decode the data transmission he sent from Red 17, she’ll have more answers than she needs.

So Pawter has been reinstalled as Qreshi royalty and Dutch has taken a huge step forward in her quest—what could go wrong now? Answer: the impending war for Johnny’s loyalty.  He’s caught between his attraction to Pawter and his desire to do something meaningful and his longstanding alliance with Dutch. Will he be forced to choose between the two?