With Pawter Out Of The Picture, Is Dutch The Only Hope For Old Town?

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Pawter Sims may have been Qreshi royalty but she had Old Town in her blood. In the end, she was willing to renounce her title, her lands on Qresh, and her place on the board of the Nine so that Westerley could have its independence. It turned out that she sacrificed a lot more—was it for nothing?

So, after all this, Qresh still rules over Westerley, right?


Delle Seyah’s forged Qreshi “peace” agreement states that Qresh and Westerley are one. But they’re more like two segregated halves, one of which holds all the power and the other of which does all the heavy lifting, provides cheap labour, and reaps none of the benefits. Same as it ever was, except Pawter is dead.

The Company planned on turning Old Town’s survivors into Sixes—why?


Is it as simple as defending Qresh from threats within the Quad and unrest on Westerley, or are they anticipating an attack from outside their little star system?

Johnny had to be knocked unconscious so that he’d leave Pawter and escape with Dutch and D’avin. How’s he going to feel when he wakes up?


Stunned by Dutch’s gun at the beginning of the episode and knocked out cold at the end when he wouldn’t leave his dying girlfriend in Pree’s bar. This wasn’t Johnny’s best day. It won’t be easy for any of the Killjoys when he comes to.

What are Seyah’s plans for Old Town now that Pawter is no longer an obstacle?


With Pawter gone, Seyah positions herself as the new bridge between Qresh and Westerley. Broadcasting her message to the people of Old Town and offering condolences, she says the two moons are as one. Yeah, right. What’s her Plan B for Westerley?

It looks like Khlyen will be making an appearance on next week’s finale. Will our long list of questions about him get answers?


Fancy broke into Lucy, freed Jelco, and declared that he’s taking Dutch, D’Avin, and Johnny to see Khlyen, whether they’re into it or not. Will we find out how he, Dutch, and Aneela are connected? Will we learn whose side he’s really on? And where do the Black Root fit into the equation?