Killjoys Interview: Thom Allison’s Pree Is A Man On Many Missions

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According to actor Thom Allison, one of the great joys of playing Killjoys’ Pree is the wardrobe. Citing a distinctive new outfit with a purple collar, he admits that these costumes often stir surprising emotions. “I almost wept openly when they put that on me,” he explained during our recent visit to the set. “These costumes are half the fun.” Fortunately, there’s plenty of other fun to be had when you’re playing one of the show’s most colourful characters, particularly in season three. In the new episodes, Allison promises that his character gets more physical “in several fun ways—it’s not all fighting, I’ll just say that.” As he sees it, series creator Michelle Lovretta has outdone herself and he’s reaping the rewards—like never before.

Thinking like the fans

If you have specific expectations for season three of Killjoys, Allison says you can leave them behind, but rest assured: the show’s writers will surprise you in the best possible way. “They don’t tell us what’s going to happen in advance,” he said. “We get the script and go, ‘Really?’ I had a lot of instances of that, which is great… multiple surprises in an episode, going, ‘Oh, wow! Oh, wow!’ Michelle is really clever and finds great ways to get little bits of information in, things that she wants to do. She’s always got an eye on the fans. Since Michelle is a fangirl—as well as this extraordinary mind—she thinks like the fans. She wants what the fans want and that’s pretty fun.”

Man on a mission

“Fun” is a word that Allison throws around a lot these days, partly because of Pree’s new level of collaboration with the title characters. “He gets to go out with the Killjoys and do some missions,” he explained. “The fans have been asking, ‘When is that going to happen?’ I stayed out of it of course. I just let it happen as it happened, but I was thrilled to see that he gets to go bopping around a bit. Of course, we found out in season two that Pree was a warlord in a previous life, and we do get to go and explore that a bit, which surprised even me. When I read the script, I was thrilled to see that.”

Exploring Pree’s background

While Allison isn’t revealing exactly what we learn about Pree’s background in season three, he uses a surprising word to describe these developments. “As an actor and as someone who watches shows, it’s interesting and titillating,” he claimed, before explaining how an actor juggles all these secrets and reveals. “The more we find out, the more I can bring into the next scene that he’s in. Even if I don’t know the secrets, it’s interesting to create your own secrets in your head that can just play out. As a new piece of information comes, you can look back at that and the fans can go, ‘Oh, is that what you were thinking?’ I can say, ‘No… but yes! Let’s say yes.’ If it helps. fantastic.”

Getting physical

As Pree’s story unfolds, Allison is experiencing all kinds of new opportunities, but also some daunting challenges. For example, he was forced to channel his earlier years on stage for an onscreen fight. “It was fun to go back, but it’s been a long time. The funny part was… for this one particular fight—this is big fight that has a lot of Pree—the day we rehearsed it, I was so ill, I could barely stand up. I literally was leaning on chairs, so it was kind of weird. I filmed it. I tried to do some of it that I could and then just sort of rehearsed it on my own, but it was fine. On the day, it was fine, thank goodness. They lied to me at least and said it was fine.”

Risks and rewards

Most of the actors on the show are understandably worried that their character could die at any time, but Allison is accepting of this potential—as long as Pre gets to die in style. “Everyone gets along, so I’d miss that feeling of course,” he said. “I’d be sad because of that part, but you know, cool, if it’s a great death. Just don’t let it be suddenly, ‘Oh, Pree died. Anyway…’ Really? Not in a blaze of makeup glory? Did his mascara explode or something? As long as it’s something fantastic, kill me off, sure. Fine. Make it talked about forever, kind of thing. But don’t make him sort of whimper away. That would be terrible.”

Killjoys returns to Space June 30 at 8pm ET. Read our recent interviews with the show’s three star, showrunner Michelle Lovretta, Morgan Kelly (Alvis), Patrick Garrow (Turin), then re-watch the Season 3 teaser below: