Killjoys Interview: Showrunner Michelle Lovretta Says Prepare For A Reunion In Season 3

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When you ask Killjoys creator Michelle Lovretta what to expect from the show’s third season, her enthusiasm is infectious. Using words like “exciting” and “sexy” repeatedly, she makes it clear that this is the biggest season yet. “We are building off of everything that we have spent the first two seasons progressing towards,” she said in a recent conversation on the set. “We are heading towards a war and, in the process of getting there, we need our team—who had a much darker, harder year last year—to pull together and be strong enough to bring other Killjoys in with them to form a sort of bounty hunter army.” While still hard at work on the new episodes, Lovretta shared more clues about the season ahead—and took a moment to savour what she has already accomplished with her latest creation.

Complicated women

When it comes to Killjoys, one of Lovretta’s greatest sources of pride is the complex female character (Dutch) at the show’s core, but she always knew this would be an important ingredient in her work. “When I found it as a child or young woman in the Ripleys of the world, I intuitively was like, ‘More please. That’s what I want.’ So I’ve never actually stopped as a writer to ask myself, ‘Do I have permission to write that character?’ There’s always this idea of, ‘Thank you for creating that character and thank you for letting that character not just be strong.’ I don’t want that in the male characters or the female characters. They’re all able to have different shades.”

No more father issues

While Dutch has always been a strong-willed woman, Season 3 gives her a chance to enjoy a new level of independence. “You want to always make sure you’re evolving that character and showing different facets,” Lovretta explained. “The great fun of this season has been that last year we took her to a very dark position of loss. We challenged her. But since Khlyen is gone, I’ve always looked at Season 3 as Dutch without father issues. She sort of had all of that. She was always doing something as a reaction to somebody and this season she gets to be pure Dutch. She gets to be somebody who is defining what she wants to do, choosing who the enemy is, choosing the war, and we allow her to have a little more lightness as well.”

The long arc

Asked to speculate how long Killjoys might stay on the air, Lovretta revealed that she originally saw it as a five-season series, but one of those seasons went missing along the way. “What ended up happening was—and this is where you have to maintain flexibility—a lot of times you have really great network partners who are very supportive in their notes and always are excited and want more of the stuff and I’m a big dork who wants to please them,” she explained. “So I brought things forward. Season one ended where I thought Season 2 would end. I still have the long arc planned, but some of the major beats have switched.”

Creating unique cultures

As Lovretta sees it, another crucial aspect of the show’s appeal stems from the unique cultures depicted onscreen, a feature that will remain prominent in Season 3. “That’s something I’ve always been drawn to with science fiction,” she said. “It tends to lean a little bit on things that exist and then you extrapolate from it and try to come up with something a little bit cooler. We had the Scarbacks and a couple different ones that you’ve seen along the way. Season 2 we introduced the Hack-mod world. I’m just a bit fascinated with the futurism of what’s happening with technology and modifications and the idea that we’re already seeing… if you modify yourself to a certain point, people get nervous about it legally because they think that you’re surveilling them or that you have some advantage. We’ve introduced characters in the past that live that way and this season we’re going to get a little bit deeper into that world. It’s just a very sexy, cool, and I think humane world.”

The Killjoy reunion

At the conclusion of Season 2, John was separated from his fellow Killjoys, but Lovretta isn’t afraid to reveal a major—but totally expected—development in Season 3: they reunite. “I don’t want to blow your mind, but it is going to be the three of them back together,” she said. “How John gets there and the shenanigans along the way is a pretty fresh, exciting story. I just saw the final cut of episode one yesterday and it’s looking really good. They’ve done some amazing work, and I think that every season you want to have new nuances to their fight. Last season it was about Johnny being on a different path than Dutch. I didn’t want to repeat that this season, so it’s more about a unified force—maybe not always on the same page on how to proceed, but they have a very clear enemy for the first time. How the f*ck do they find her, fight her, and turn a ragtag little thing into something that can take on an armada? Stay tuned. It does happen.”

Killjoys returns to Space June 30 at 8pm ET. Read our recent interview with the show’s three stars, then re-watch the Season 3 teaser below: