Killjoys Interview: The 3 Stars Tell Us What’s Next For D’avin, Dutch, And John

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During our recent visit to the set of Killjoys, stars Aaron Ashmore (John), Hannah John-Kamen (Dutch), and Luke Macfarlane (D’avin) sat down to offer a sense of where their characters find themselves in Season 3. While they offered several intriguing details about the episodes ahead, all the comments below are spoiler-free—and guaranteed to peak your curiosity about their upcoming adventures.

AARON ASHMORE: One of the interesting things about starting the third season is that there are two storylines. D’avin and Dutch are one storyline, and John is off finding himself, doing some things. It’s sort of different from the other two seasons, where we’re always together. There’s a little bit of branching out, which I think is sort of different and will allow all of us to do some new things.

HANNAH JOHN-KAMEN: We all have our own adventures and our own path. It’s also the introduction of the character Aneela, who is Khlyen’s daughter, so we will also be exploring that world.

LUKE MACFARLANE: D’avin continues to sort of play better with others much more than the first season. As John is on his walkabout, we are getting along really well as team members. The big question for him is we know that he has these sort of magical powers—for lack of a better term—so we’re going to continue to learn more about that.

AA: If you remember, John sort of left on… not a great note. His girlfriend was murdered. A bit of a low point for John there and then he sort of takes his revenge and then is off. A big part for John is dealing with that, dealing with the death of Pawter, but then his actions, reconciling those actions, and how he fits back into the team—because I think he’s changed a little bit.

HJK: Dutch lost Khlyen in the last season and everything she thought she knew was completely destroyed in that moment. The discovery of Aneela and the job that has to be done—Dutch is seeing red and I think the war is on.

AA: Our dynamic is still our dynamic, but I think one of the interesting things about the show is we’re always kind of playing with the dynamics of the trio. The core of it stays the same, but there’s always a little bit of dancing around and trying to figure out how we all fit together. It’s part of what makes Killjoys original.

LM: To be part of something truly original is really rewarding. When I tell people, ‘Oh, I’m doing this sci-fi show,’ the immediate question is, ‘Oh, what’s it based on?’ So much of the material that’s coming out right now is coming from a sort of history, maybe a comic book. That’s wonderful and that’s what is required nowadays, but we get to make up the rules as we go and I wish there was more space for that on the market because it expands us all, as both creators and viewers.

AA: As far as the future goes, five seasons and a movie, right? That’s what you want. But yeah, I hope that people will remember it fondly because I think we’re all really proud of it. We all really enjoy it. The idea of it ending is really a bummer, not just for the show, but we get along so well. That’s really sad to think about, but yeah, I hope people walk away having had fun and really enjoying it and just remembering it fondly, the way we will.

Killjoys returns to Space June 30 at 8pm ET. Re-re-re-watch the Season 3 teaser below: