Killjoys Interview: Patrick Garrow’s Turin Undergoes An Evolution In Season 3

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Now entering his third season on Killjoys, Patrick Garrow has achieved a better understanding of TV longevity—and its many benefits. “The longer you’re on a series, the more the writers can start to get a feel for exactly the kind of bite or the flavour that you bring,” he explained when we visited the set in March. “It’s very enjoyable as an actor to have some kind of arc span over a series, so that process can happen.” As Garrow explained, Turin can be a difficult boss at times, but his rigid ideas will be forced to undergo an evolution, along with the interpersonal dynamics around him in season three. We’ll have to wait and see how that pans out, but if we were Turin, we’d be happy just to be alive.

Surviving the sword

Recalling the life-threatening sword wound he suffered earlier in the series, Garrow acknowledged that survival was far from guaranteed. “You see yourself left there on the precipice with an enormous sword through you and you wonder what that means,” he said. “To some extent, I think that’s part of the fun of being a showrunner, of being a writer—to kind of take people to that place where the audience doesn’t know. You have to leave it in the showrunner’s quadrant, to play with the different colours in the box and say we need to remove this person who is a longstanding character, in order to jack the tension of the series or we need to insert this new character. It’s a complicated chess game. As an actor, you sit there and you go, ‘That’s interesting. I wonder what they’re going to do with that’—and you’re prepared either way. You might not be heard from again. You might become an experiment on Khlyen’s desk. Who knows? But you just have to take it as it rolls.”

The team dynamic

From the beginning, Turin has had a combative relationship with the rest of his team, and Garrow sees this as a natural extension of the Killjoys’ outspoken, strong-willed temperaments. “As builders of the series, they wanted to establish that, in order to be able to tweak it and find out where it goes based on who’s the enemy this week, who’s the enemy four episodes from now, and who’s the enemy next year. There’s a certain kind of leveling maybe of that relationship between the team and Turin, but it’s based on what they have to do and who they have to pursue… or who’s the spy in our midst, who’s the person we thought we could trust, who is now revealed to be an antagonist and someone who needs to be taken out.”

Shelving the friction

As Garrow sees it, there’s a good reason he’s less combative with his team in season three. “You have missions to accomplish and enemies within and all of that new information as the series progresses, both in the first season and the second and now in the third,” he explained. “Things change, allies are not what you think they are, and people are revealed to be enemies, so there’s a certain amount of collaboration. What was initially a friction between Turin and the team has to be shelved, in order to accomplish their goal, which is to find out who is sabotaging The Rack.”

Throwing a wrench into Turin’s world

This newfound spirit of collaboration is a positive for Turin, but he’s also dealing with a more frustrating development. “In season three, he unusually has someone else to answer to because they’ve introduced another character, so that’s throwing a wrench into his world. He doesn’t usually answer to anyone else. As a character, he’s pretty sure about his way of doing business, so to have to answer to someone who tells him new ground rules is not pleasant. There’s a lot of rankling that goes on under his skin in this new situation. How long is it going to last? Who knows?”

Conflict resolution

Feeling uneasy about his new superiors, Turin is open to combating this threat with even the most disreputable of methods. “If it comes to torture, so be it,” Garrow said. “I think that’s part of the allowable permutations of this series. Why not? I don’t have any insider dish for you, but there are certainly people he would like to torture for a while, just to put them in line—or maybe remove them!”

Killjoys returns to Space June 30 at 8pm ET. Read our recent interviews with the show’s three star, showrunner Michelle Lovretta, and Morgan Kelly (Alvis), then re-watch the Season 3 teaser below: