Good Lord What Happened During That Sex Scene? And 4 Other Questions About This Week’s Killjoys

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It’s always fun when the Killjoys make new friends. This episode was excellent considering that both new and old friends made their appearances for the very first time. 400-plus-year-old collector San Romwell was one of the most interesting characters we’ve come across this season. But he didn’t come close to matching the excitement of seeing Lucy in human, err, android form. Both characters left us with questions, however. Like:

The visitors/invaders San Romwell tells Dutch about: are we on the brink of meeting them?


Romwell said they arrived in a ship that wasn’t built—it was organic, grown. They brought the plasma with them. It ran their strange ship. They tortured him for information he had about his family. He survived but his planet did not. Is The Quad in danger of meeting the same fate?

Who here wants a molecular printer?


All your storage problems: solved.

Pawter and Johnny vs. Lucy and Johnny—how the hell are we supposed to choose?


Johnny and Lucy finally, through the miracle of humanoid robotics, got the kiss we knew they were destined for. It was pretty much everything a Killjoys fan could hope for. But then Lucy died (or at least the app version of Lucy died). And then Pawter boarded the ship version of Lucy for a romantic rendezvous with Johnny. This love triangle is hurting our brains.

That sex/death scene with D’av and Sabine: WTF?


As much as we might want to, we can’t avoid the tough question this episode posed. How/why did Sabine die like that? And what about the timing—mid-sex?! Man, D’av’s love life is NOT going well these days. Can’t the guy have a relationship without killing/trying to kill the woman he’s into?

D’avin’s *ahem* other powers: they’ve been hinted at but what are they?


We’re aware of D’av’s new abilities to control the green plasma with his mind (Exhibit A: his accidental mind-meld with Mossy) but what else can he do? Kill Level Sixes, maybe?