What’s In The Heart-Shaped Box? More Level Six Secrets

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Welcome back, Sabine. Seems D’avin didn’t kill Pree’s new bartender, err, Khlyen’s old colleague afterall. Congratulations to everyone. Dutch now has a Level Six to torture/interrogate and—after a very Pulp Fiction-esque resurrection—Sabine has her emotions back. Not that they’ll do her much good as Dutch’s prisoner.


While the Killjoys debate whether or not to take out the spy that found her way into their midst, Dutch’s lingering feelings for D’avin become obvious (despite the fact that this episode opened with an outtake from 50 Shades of Alvis). She’s jealous and her jealousy is driving her to try to take out the competition in a very literal way.

Because they’re not getting much out of Sabine, D’av suggests they take her to Turin, which is how they find out that a) Level Sixes can be killed; and b) There’s a special tool that does the job quite nicely.


Still saddled with Sabine, who is slowly regressing into a Six psychopath as D’av’s plasma exorcism wears off, Dutch and Johnny take off for Westerley to see if the intel she gave them about the other Sixes is true. D’avin is charged with staying behind on Lucy and acting as prison guard. A few drinks later, he releases her from both her bomb collar and the ship—after he plants a tracker on her.

While Dutch and D’av trail Sabine to Leith, Johnny acts on his promise to Pawter, hunting down an engineer who built the wall around Old Town to threaten her with arrest if she doesn’t tell him how to destroy it. She talks, but then sells him out by handing him over to Jelco. Now it’s Johnny’s turn to get a taste of what it’s like to be a prisoner in Spring Hill.


After finding out that Sabine is actually Black Root (and 89 years old—damn) Dutch confronts her in the woods near Khlyen’s safehouse. Sabine begs Dutch to kill her, aware that after she becomes fully Six again, she’s likely to kill D’avin and Johnny.


After putting a bullet in Sabine’s head (is she really dead this time or nah?) Dutch enters the safehouse and finds that it’s tailor-made for her, complete with a final red box. In it, there’s that special Level Six-killing tool and a name: Aneela. Also known as: Dutch’s double—is this who Khlyen has been protecting Dutch from this entire time?