Dark Dutch: Who’s Aneela And What The ‘Hells’ Does She Want With The Killjoys?

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This week’s episode highlighted just how deep into this Company/Qreshi/RAC/Level Six/Khlyen conspiracy Dutch and her crew are. When a Black Root posing as a Level Six posing as an Old Town bartender infiltrates your team, you know you’re… popular? Either that, or in a lot of trouble. How’s everyone feeling about Khlyen and where he falls on the good guy/bad guy spectrum? Confused? Us too. Here’s what else we’re wondering about:

Aneela (aka Dark Dutch): who/what/where is she?


Dutch, D’avin, and Johnny already have enemies coming at them from every direction. Now they’ve got to deal with this unknown adversary who’s Dutch’s evil double? Are they sisters? Is this the person Khlyen’s been protecting Dutch from? This storyline is bananas. We love bananas.

How is it that Dutch has no memories of Aneela?


The rash of dreams and double vision Dutch has been having lately indicate a likelihood that at one time, she knew/met/saw her twin. Did Khlyen somehow partially erase her from Dutch’s mind? How? Dutch isn’t Level Six so he wouldn’t have the same kind of control over her that the plasma gives him over his other soldiers. Which brings us to our next question…

Why did Khlyen have all memories of Dutch wiped from the plasma?


It’s like he’s trying to hide her very existence. Why is he risking so much for one person? What is so special about Dutch and why does she mean so much to Khlyen?

What are the Black Root and how are they different from Level Sixes?


We know the Black Root are enforcers of a kind, meant to keep Level Six agents in line with the RAC’s true purpose (whatever that is) but who gets selected to be Black Root and why when it seems like all of these super soldiers run on green plasma?

Dutch and D’Avin still have some seriously unresolved feelings for each other, right?


As If torturing D’av’s new almost-girlfriend wasn’t the most obvious way she could express her envy, Dutch made it clear that she thought they were all better off if Sabine was dead (like, permanently this time). And that scene where Dutch pulled them apart in the weird neural link bathtub? Jealous! Also: she shot her in the head.