Dutch Goes Back To Arkyn To Try To Find Some Answers In “Full Metal Monk”

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Busted. So much for Johnny’s secret alliance with Pawter and their quest to bring down the Company’s wall around Old Town. Not only has Dutch discovered that Johnny took on a warrant without telling the team, but both he and Pawter have been caught up in Jelco’s plans to, uh, actually we’re still not sure what exactly is going to happen on Westerley. But we do know it involves a Company-commissioned convoy of poisoned rations and that everyone behind the wall is way too high to care—even guys who’ve just recently escaped a Company-sanctioned death.


Meanwhile, D’avin’s plasma powers have advanced to the point where he can explode Six brains with a mere look. After a consultation with Alvis, he also finds he can use it for less violent purposes (like getting ancient monks to stop calling Dutch the devil and just chill for a second).


Dutch, Alvis, and D’av are on Arkyn for most of the episode, sent there by the strange map Olin drew for them while babbling about the devil and people drowning on a dry moon in “rivers of green.” Once there, they find another of Khlyen’s safehouses, only it doesn’t look like this one was designed solely for Dutch. Still, only she can unlock the door.


The three wind up in an underground lab where they discover the remaining monks who went to Arkyn to “fight the devil” (who we now know as Aneela). One of them is still alive, imprisoned behind the same kind of wall that surrounds Old Town. Mistaking Dutch for Aneela, he freaks out and tries to run (which is where D’av’s ability to use the plasma force comes in handy).


Having been mistaken for the devil twice in one day, Dutch, understandably on edge, goes to great lengths to prove that she isn’t the person she looks exactly like. She cuts her hand open in front of the monk, showing him her blood in order to prove she isn’t a Six like Aneela. It doesn’t convince him—or earn her his forgiveness for what Aneela did to him and the other Scarbacks. After being imprisoned on Arkyn for so long, made nearly immortal against his will, he begs them to end his life. Dutch does it, but not before he shares one piece of information with her: that he recognizes Khlyen, but that Aneela called him by a different name—”father.”

Leaving Arkyn, they try to contact Johnny but he’s not answering. The wall has turned everyone in Old Town into a complacent drone, waiting to be led to their own execution. And even if Dutch manages to rescue him, there’s still that matter of the photo Jelco took, framing Johnny and Pawter for the murder of a Qreshi royal.