That Thing Where Your Twin Is Running Around The Galaxy And Giving You A Bad Name? So Annoying

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Dutch’s obsession with solving the mystery behind Khlyen’s army of Level Six reclamation agents has led her down an unexpected path. The alien plasma he tried to inject D’avin with is tied to Dutch’s own past with her former teacher and his daughter (!?)—who happens to look exactly like Dutch. Why the uncomfortably close resemblance? And how, exactly, does Khlyen factor into the lives of Dutch and her double? We’re two episodes away from the season finale and the questions keep piling up. Here’s what we want to know:

How is it that Dutch has a doppelgänger who existed at the time that the monks fought on Arkyn but also might still be alive now?


Khlyen has gone to extremes to a) train Dutch to protect herself/kill whoever she has to; b) hide Dutch from anyone plugged into the plasma; and c) cover the Quad in safehouses just in case Dutch needs to hide out/arm herself against Aneela. But how is a woman who fought Scarbacks on Arkyn so long ago still a threat to Dutch?

So Khlyen is Aneela’s father. What is he to Dutch, then?


Does Khlyen’s apparent fondness for Dutch go beyond the fact that she’s a dead ringer for his devil daughter?

What does the Company have planned for the residents of Old Town?


Jelco admitted to a drugged Johnny and Pawter that their theory is correct: Company is about to poison Old Town’s residents through tainted rations. But, he added, there’s more. More? Like, more than drugging AND poisoning people after completely levelling their city? What else is there even?

Even after she proves that she isn’t a Six, the old monk on Arkyn refuses to forgive Dutch. That’s going to haunt her, isn’t it?


As if Dutch doesn’t have enough of her own baggage, now she has to carry around Aneela’s guilt for her?

So… Pawter and Johnny are totally screwed, right?


Wandering shoeless through Old Town without their comms or even the desire to use them to call for help, things look pretty bad for the drugged-up pair. And then there’s the matter of that photo Jelco took of them posing, gun in Pawter’s hand, in front of freshly killed Qreshi royalty.