Straight Outta Fan Expo: Awesome Info About Killjoys Season 2

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The room was packed at Fan Expo for the Killjoys panel featuring actor Aaron Ashmore, showrunner Michelle Lovretta, and the mysterious and—until now—faceless voice of Lucy, Tamsen McDonough. Like the popular show, the panel did not disappoint. Fans looking for clues about what the future holds for the trio of planet-hopping bounty hunters were treated to plenty of hints by Lovretta who was keen to talk about the recently announced second season.


“I would say that there are hints at the end [of season one] that you see about a larger course mystery that now involves Arkyn as well,” she revealed, referring to the desolate moon that has D’Avin as its newest resident. “You will get more into Level Sixes. There might be some new bad people, there might be some new love interest-type people. There’s a lot planned.”

Lovretta also promised more origin stuff and a lot more world-building—some of which may come in the form of a series of novels. (Even more ways to get our Killjoys fix? Yes please!)

“There’s a lot of world-building that is in my head that I cannot give you in 10 episodes. I also have to have missions, I have to have an awesome ship, I have to have romance, I have to have all of these things. So the world-building is something that I have been putting in every episode and using those aspects to better showcase [it]. But there’s a huge history there—I’m sure people want to know ‘What’s the J? How did that start? Are we in our universe or not?’ And I’m not telling you any of this. Buy the book,” she joked, adding “It is something that we’re all invested in and [by] getting into that history there’s a lot more interesting stuff to play with if it’s not just ‘What’s your case of the week?’ but ‘What’s the deeper story?’”

It wasn’t just the audience getting a glimpse into the upcoming storyline. Ashmore, who plays John on Killjoys, was in the dark about his character’s near future too—until Lovretta revealed this: “There’s something that will come up in [his] story in this coming year where bad things are done in the name of good causes—all the time. I think that’s something we’re interested in exploring: are you with the RAC, are you with The Quad, who are you with and how far will you go to defend those things that you believe in? We’re going to play with that through the duration of the series.”

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Oh, and about that Her-esque chemistry you’ve been detecting between John and his ship’s operating system? It’s not in your head. “I have a story in the back of my mind that—let’s hope that we get episode 900—and, if for some reason if John’s going off on his own, I like the idea of him showing up at a bar and having a drink and then it’s Lucy that sits down besides that needs a lift. And so we basically know that John and Lucy are going to go off together,” said Lovretta. We can confirm that both Ashmore and McDonough seemed amenable to that idea…

Other things Lovretta says we can to look forward to next season? Lots more Khlyen—his backstory, his allegiances, and the wealth of secrets he knows about Dutch, the RAC, and The Quad and more on D’Avin too. Some pretty bad stuff has happened to John’s brother and season two should tell us more about why he’s the way he is.

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