Killjoys Recap: Voulez Vous Cherchez La Bitch Avec Moi?


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It feels like we’re a mere episode away from seeing the whole team get back together again—the planets are aligning for Dutch and her crew as the pieces of her plan fall into place (however reliant on luck that plan happens to be). When Zeph, Pree, and Turin meet up in the Badlands to dissect one of The Lady’s alien offspring, they quickly realize that Old Town is the place they need to be (better Wi-Fi). Yes, the alien baby escapes and nearly kills Zeph and Turin, but they do move a big step closer to identifying it. Zeph, it seems, has the key. Now if only she could find it inside that big brain of hers.

Next steps: Zeph needs to get off Westerley and take that information to Dutch (the pieces she currently has, anyway). Thanks to upside-down escape artist Fancy Lee and a reconstituted Lucy (credit: li’l baby pocket supercomputer, Newcie), she does and a mini reunion takes place on Leith. Aw.


Naturally, this is after Dutch, D’avin and Johnny make a partial mess out of an “militainment” facility there. Requiring a signal strong enough to reach The Lady’s armada, Johnny hijacks a comms room while Dutch and D’av fumble their way (read: totally falsify) a Leithian history presentation to a bunch of Leithians who know a hell of a lot more about Leith than either of our two Killjoys. Yes, they are detained and tied up, but yes, they find out where The Lady’s real body is being stowed, too. We call that breaking even?

Upon their eventual escape from the base, the trio looks up from whatever green Lethian pasture they’re running through to see an old friend—their ship, Lucy, piloted by Fancy and Zeph, arrives to give them a much-needed ride off of the planet. And for bonus points, Zeph has shown up with a plan.


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Killjoys:

1. Did Turin sacrifice himself for Zeph and her mission to help Dutch? That’s so Turin. 

2. Zeph says she knows someone that can tell them how to kill The Lady—who is it?

3. Zeph question part two: where is it that she’s seen those alien spider things before?

4. How much longer before The Lady gets fed up with Sad Khlyen and dispenses with him?

5. What are Aneela and Kendry up to right now? Did they make it to Qresh?