Killjoys Recap: The Case Of The Disappearing Three Mutineers


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Welcome to this week’s Killjoys recap, where what we have is a serious prison ship clusterfudge. Things seemed like they were at maximum messy last week, and yet this week’s episode has managed to turn up the heat another notch or eight as Dutch and her crew try to regain control of the ship they mutinied from their prisoner partners who double crossed them and mutinied right back.

Clearly, the ship isn’t big enough for multiple mutineers—a fact that Coren, a criminal sub-mastermind with more than a few screws loose, seems to realize before anyone else (we’ll call it luck). He eliminates Sparlo, his former co-mutineer, with a single remorseless bullet to the brain.


At this point, it’s down to a battle between Coren and the Killjoys for control of the ship, and while he and his gang are united in their goals (to trade in the captive Qreshi siblings for a million joy), Dutch, D’avin, and Johnny have been separated and are fighting just to come up with a game plan. Johnny and the Warden (a fellow tech nerd) put Newcie (yes, that’s what we’re calling her) to work taking over the prison’s operating system in a bid to regain control while Dutch poses as the Warden to negotiate with the Qreshi emissaries there to trade joy for the ransomed siblings. The high price demanded by Coren is met without any argument—which tips off Dutch to the fact that something is very wrong.

Three Qreshi bombs and five assassins later, Coren is dead, the members of the hostage negotiation team have been unmasked as killers, and our Killjoys are back in charge of the ship—this time, with the Warden on their side. A clever use of the disarmed bombs and the ship’s cloaking tech even throws Khlyen and The Lady off their trail. Does he believe that Dutch is dead? Back on solid ground, Aneela and Kendry are having their first post-reunion fight. Aneela is still Hullen and insecure about it. Kendry is no longer Hullen and insecure about it. But they manage to work it out and hide Jaq inside that handy cube thing before making their way to Qresh… where it sounds like everyone might meet up very soon.


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Killjoys:

1. Are we picking up on some possible romance vibes between Johnny and the Warden?

2. What terrible fate does Khlyen have in store for Pree and Zeph and the rest of Dutch’s friends? We know he’d sacrifice all of them to save her…

3. Will Jaq truly be safe in the cube? What’s Aneela’s plan for besting The Lady?

4. Aneela says she knows exactly what The Lady wants—and she knows how to get it. Um, could she maybe let us in on the secret?

5. Will Pree be able to forgive Gared for reluctantly conspiring with Khlyen?