Killjoys Recap: A Bout, A Girl, And An All-Out Prison Riot


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Five seasons in and Dutch still has a hell of a lot of fight left in her. Which comes in handy this week as the Qreshi-sponsored entertainment spectacle that is a human cockfighting tournament kicks off in the very same space prison where Dutch, Johnny, and D’av are being detained. Synchronicity!

Dutch sees the tournament as a way to gain control over the prison—with a little help from Johnny and Lucy, she’ll have every inmate under her thumb, thanks to the microchips each prisoner has implanted in their neck. All she has to do is get one (read: bite a prisoner in the neck and rip his chip out). Yes, it was 100% as gross as it sounds.


And if Dutch can take over the prison, it means that she can pilot it to Westerley and have a shot at destroying The Lady’s terraforming project. It sounds like a really great plan, but Dutch and her crew didn’t count on being double-crossed. That’s what happens when you trust a fellow inmate. Now two of her rivals are in charge instead—but while she and D’avin seem totally screwed, Johnny is still free inside the prison and he might have found a new ally: the warden.

And for those of us who’ve been wondering what the hell Jaq and Kendry are up to, we finally have an answer: freeing Aneela. Their reunion comes after a couple of tense moments between the two. Jaq is having visions of what’s been happening to D’av and (understandably) wants to go save his father. Kendry insists that it’s too dangerous (that, and she seems to be having way too much fun playing Hunger Games in the woods). The main thing is that they’re here to find the mirrored cube, poke it with Dutch’s DNA, and save Aneela from the green. Complicated, yes—but it works. Now can they please go save everyone else?


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Killjoys:

1. How the hells will Dutch get her team out of this one?

2. Khlyen is confusing us: is he helping The Lady or stalling her? And how did he get away to visit Garrett?

3. How will the Qreshis trapped aboard the prison come into play next episode? Will they be useful to Dutch?

4. What kind of hell is Aneela going to unleash on The Lady now that she’s free from the green?

5. Call us pessimists, but we don’t see Johnny getting over his new feelings for Dutch any time soon. How’s that going to be resolved?

Check out the full episode below: