Killjoys Recap: Stuck In Space And Ship Outta Luck


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Welcome to Supermax, the worst hotel in the J—we’re pretty certain that no one enjoys their extended stay. Take Dutch for example, whose sentence stretches out a generous 400 years into the future (Johnny and D’avin only got a couple decades in comparison). Thrown into solitary immediately upon arrival, Dutch quickly discovers that Killjoys aren’t very popular in space jail. With Johnny on laundry duty and D’av in the psych ward, the squad begins hatching their hilariously flawed plan to escape. In terms of execution, the plan is actually pretty great—Dutch and co. make it to the prison exit in record time (true: D’av does have to undergo some light electroshock therapy to get it done, but teamwork makes the dream work, right?).

The flaw is revealed when the door opens and Dutch, D’av, and Johnny find themselves staring out into space… they’d assumed the prison was an underground bunker on Westerley. No dice. Instead, the three are pulled into the warden’s service. She makes them a deal: find out who ordered the hit on X Wing’s big prison boss and get a transfer to much safer G Wing, where it’s a lot easier to stay alive (and make another escape attempt).


The way to a man’s heart is straight through his rib cage, but Dutch takes the scenic route and tempts the prison’s top tough guy through his stomach. Prison food sucks, especially in X Wing. In the end it’s the food that leads our trio to the jailhouse assassin and gains them the protection of the assassin’s target. Which is precisely when Dutch surprises the warden (and us) with a request to remain in X Wing, foregoing her cushy G Wing upgrade. Dutch shacks up in a cell with D’av while Johnny is left to rebuild his relationship with a newly rebooted micro-version of Lucy.

Meanwhile, in Old Town, Zeph has snapped Pree and Turin out of their rain-induced stupors and the three of them are doing serious damage to The Lady’s mind control operation. Cool.


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Killjoys:

1. Is Dutch planning to build an army out of her new prison pals? Is that how she’ll take on The Lady?

2. Why haven’t Leith or Qresh intervened when it’s so obvious that some bad sh*# is going down on Westerley? Especially when it’s so obvious that they could be next…

3. Is Khlyen the one paying the prison warden to keep Dutch (or Johnny or D’av) alive?

4. Did The Lady reveal her Achilles heel this week? Is it her inability to understand the concept of hope and human emotion?

5. Seriously. Where are Kendry and Jaq and WTF are they up to?

Check out the full episode below: