Killjoys Recap: Three Killjoys And A Lady Walk Into A Supermax Space Prison…


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Some escapes seem way too easy—like the kind where Khlyen simply snaps your paralysis collar, snaps some necks, and as though someone had just snapped their fingers, Dutch, Johnny, and D’avin are free. A little torture is NBD if it means you’ll soon be cruising through space on your way back to Westerley with your two BFFs and your trusty ship. Oh wait, about that…

When Khlyen comes to the rescue aboard The Lady’s armada, the fact that Dutch and her pals make their getaway so smoothly is immediately suspect. Like that space hickey on D’av’s neck. Dutch saw the same one on The Lady, jumping to the rash conclusion that it’s a transference portal and that The Lady is now in D’av’s smokin’ hot (by traditional beauty standards) bod.


Fair enough, but after trapping him in an air lock, all three friends/frenemies discover that they have the mark. Which one of them is just a skin suit for The Lady? Lucy offers to do their EEG readings (some sort of scientific tarot cards, we assume) to figure out who The Lady is in. Ew.

Lucy says it’s Dutch, and it takes everyone getting naked (long story) to find out that it’s actually Lucy who’s been corrupted. Johnny does everything he can to save her, but it’s hopeless. With Lucy’s help and blessing, he wipes her entire system. He is not okay with it. But Lucy leaves the squad with one last bit of intel: she tells them that the alien hatchlings Dutch flambéd last week are clones—which means there’s an original. When The Lady’s armada approaches, Dutch, Johnny, and D’avin surrender as part of a plot to get close to her original body… and kill it to death.


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Killjoys:

1. If Dutch finds out that Khlyen helped The Lady she’ll never speak to him again—does he have a more complicated end game than simply leading The Lady to Jaq?

2. Okay but really: why wasn’t D’av on The Lady’s ‘To Torture’ list?

3. Remember how our Killjoy pals got caught with Pree in their custody? What happened to him?

4. We keep hearing him say he knows it wasn’t real but… did Johnny catch feelings for Dutch when he was under The Lady’s spell?

5. Seriously? We have to say goodbye to Lucy this early in the season?!?

Check out the full episode below: